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October 11, 2022

Cervical Sex, Cervical Orgasms

Photo by John Rocha on Pexels.

I’d like to share something with you about Cervical Sex and Cervical Orgasms.

It’s a different realm of sex, of pleasure, of energy.

It’s a heart experience, a body experience, an energy experience.

It’s a vibration, a pulsation, that can be subtle and can be strong.

It’s deep, deep in the body, deep in the Yoni, as deep as you can go.

And it’s emotionally deep, energetically deep.

There are often tears, not of sadness, not of pain, simply of the power of the experience.

There’s a quality of the experience that’s almost indescribable, its mystical, it’s different to everything else we’ve felt, there’s a knowing when it happens, you feel it.

It’s exquisite, it’s Divine, and so human.

It’s vulnerable, for both of us.

It’s opening, and opens us.

To have the experience requires opening, releasing, letting go, softening.

It only happens with deep emotional release, deep release of the tissues around the cervix.

This takes time, this takes patience.

This takes a relationship with your body, your heart, your Yoni, your cervix.

It takes consistency.

It takes a willingness to explore and discover yourself, in every way.

And it takes a willingness not to chase pleasure but to allow pleasure.

It takes a willingness to relax into it, to soften into it, to dance with it.

It takes a willingness to give yourself over to pleasure, and for pleasure to draw you in, deeper and deeper.

Over the years of working in the field of sexual healing I’ve shared this journey with many women.

And now I’m sharing it with my lover, or rather she’s sharing it with me.

And for the first time I’m experiencing this from inside of her, my Lingam touching her cervix.

It’s fascinating, it’s wonder-full, to feel it in this way, not just through massage, as happens in the healing context.

Over time what happens is that what’s held in the tissues of the Yoni, the emotional and energy blockages, some connected to sex, some not, release.

As this happens the Yoni opens to allow for deeper penetration, to make the deeper places around the cervix accessible.

And this tissue awakens.

From being numb, tender or painful it becomes awake, sensitive, alive.

And in this it seeks touch.

The cervix actually seeks the touch, presents itself to be touched.

It’s almost as if it’s it’s own being, an energy that in its aliveness, in its desire, reaches out.

And I’ve felt this happen physically.

For many women the journey to awakening this comes with deep emotional release, often tears, anger.

It also comes with a deep level of self-knowledge, self-awareness.

It’s a physical journey, an emotional journey, an energy journey, and a spiritual journey.

It’s sacred.

And when my lover sat on top of me, and drew me into touching her cervix there was something in her eyes I’d never seen before.

Her body opened, and directed me, exactly to the places that she needed to be touched, in exactly the way she needed it.

The head of my Lingam felt the vibration of her cervix, it’s the only way I can describe it.

Her orgasm, from this place, flowed through her entire body.

The energy of it flowed through me, trembling inside of me, as the waves rippled and danced.

It went on and on, intense and subtle at the same time.

Slowly subsiding, softening.

We lay speechless for a long time, lost in the wonder.

I share this with you because these experiences are available to all of us.

You can experience this on your own.

What’s within us, the pleasure we’re capable of, the sensation we can feel, the intimacy we can experience, is so much more than so many of us allow ourselves.

And yet we know it’s there, we long for it.

I talk about possibility, the unlimited field of possibility.

This experience shows us how deep, how high, how wide that field is.

And how we can experience so much more in life, in love and in pleasure.

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