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October 8, 2022

Yoni Massage for Healing and Pleasure

I have been practicing and teaching Yoni Massage for over 20 years, for healing, for pleasure, as an energy experience, a body experience, a heart experience and a spiritual experience.

Sometimes, more times than not, these all merge together in one experience.

They’re not separate, as we often think.

One leads to another, opens the door for another, has the seed of another within us.

In this time of practice I’ve developed different expressions of Yoni Massage, some that are slow and gentle, some that are of the fire of pleasure.

For many women the journey of Yoni Massage begins with healing.

Releasing that which is held in the tissues. This includes traumatic experiences, unfulfilled experiences, stress, tension and contraction caused by things like being penetrated before you ready, having sex when you didn’t want to, being touched in ways that wasn’t gentle, honoring and loving.

It includes being pressured to have orgasm, and to do it quickly.

It includes feeling judged, shamed, guilty of your desire.

It includes not being able to ask for what you want, not being heard, feeling rejected.

And so much more.

This causes the inner tissue of your Yoni to become numb, tender, even painful instead of being alive, awake and sensitive, which is its natural state.

The first Yoni Massage Experiences, Quiet Yoni, The Water Experience, are about relaxing, relaxing, opening, softening.

They’re about bringing you into your Yoni, into presence in your body, into sensation and feeling.

They’re about establishing a connection, a relationship, consciously, with your Yoni.

Then the pleasure becomes possible.

And it’s not to say that the healing experiences are not pleasurable, they are.

The intention and the focus are different.

Without that release the higher, deeper, pleasure experiences are not always possible.

The deeper orgasms, G-Spot, Cervical, A-Spot, P-Spot, Blended orgasms are not always possible.

The pleasure is deep, and again becomes a pathway to Divine experiences, intimacy with yourself, with life.

With the pleasure comes increased vitality and energy, creativity, passion, vivaciousness.

It can release the wild within you.

Connect you deeply with your desire.

Become a path of growth, of exploration and discovery.

Teach you about your body, about your pleasure spots, take you deeper into self-pleasuring and exploration.

Become a prayer to the Goddess.

The pleasure becomes a freedom, to experience more, not only more pleasure, but more life.

It becomes a Heart experience.

And connects you with your throat, your voice.

Pleasure is a way to experience deeper states of consciousness, to become more aware.

And so much more.

There is power here, deep power.

And limitless possibility.

One expression of these, and one of the most beautiful, healing and pleasurable aspects of Yoni Massage is that it allows you to receive, deeply, fully, with no expectation, no reciprocation, nothing other than to receive.

There is a gift in this, an amazing gift that is about honoring the sacred within you.

In this you’re able to let go more into pleasure, into feeling, into sensation, into the energy.

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