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October 21, 2022

Your Yoni, Your Lingam Deserve More

Your Yoni or your Lingam deserve more.

They deserve more than simply being rubbed, by ourselves, mostly hard and fast to the orgasm of release.

Your Yoni/Lingam deserve more than simply penetrating, being penetrated, to the friction, to the orgasm of release.

Your Yoni/Lingam, expressions, as is the rest of the body, expressions of the sacred, portals to Divine experience, opening the doorway to deep sensation, feeling, energy, deserve to be seen, touched, sensed in every way, with the intention of beauty.

To be seen through eyes that see beauty, that see mystery, that see wonder.

To be touched, to be felt, to be tasted, to be inhaled, to be caressed, in this way.

To be explored with an innocent curiosity of discovery and the absorbed intensity of an artist of the body.

To be experienced with the fullness of our senses, to immerse ourselves in the colour, the texture, the shape, the fragrance, the heat, the wet, the soft, the hard, the opening, the expanding, the discovery.

For us to lose ourselves in the meditation of the body as a pathway to Divine Pleasure, to Oneness.

For us, in the touch of another, the touch of ourselves, to become sensitively aware, so that we feel the nuance, the subtlety, the energy of our caress.

That we feel it within us in a way that is beyond words, that it is an experience of the ecstatic dance of our hands, of our mouths.

And that when Yoni/Lingam touches Yoni/Lingam, that we penetrate with such awareness, that we open with such awareness, as priests and priestesses performing sacred rituals in this temple of the body.

When we look, when we touch, when we kiss, when we caress in this way we become present.

So deeply present that our touch is a meditation, of sensation, of feeling, of energy.

We stop trying to give pleasure, we stop trying to make our partner come, we stop trying to direct them.

We surrender.

There is a conversation of the heart, of the body, that arises from a place deep within us, that in the silence, in the stillness, in the softness, we can hear.

It’s not a conversation of the mind, it’s not a conversation of words.

It’s a conversation of the body guiding us, showing us, inviting us.

It arises from touching, holding, breathing, not moving, being still.

And on the breath the dance begins.

The stroke, the caress, the kiss, slow, soft, welcoming.

It may deepen into that space, dropping us through the layers of resistance to a softening, an opening where there is nothing and everything.

It may become a fire that burns the veils of illusion to show us how deeply, how high we can go, how vital, how alive we can be, how every cell in our bodies can vibrate with life.

So much begins with touching differently.

And bringing a different intention, to our touch, to our experience.

And so much changes with this touch.

We become more present in our bodies.

We open to a deepening of sensation, of feeling, that becomes filled with subtlety and nuance.

We become more curious about touch, how to touch, and how to receive touch.

We become aware of how touch, without a goal, can become a meditation.

We become aware of how much more there is to pleasure than simply having an orgasm.

And it’s important to say this.

There’s no judgement on the experience of orgasm, in all the ways it can happen. It’s simply that so many of us have pleasure, and live all of life, in patterns. And for many of us the pattern of sex is that that it ends in orgasm. That becomes the goal, which becomes the limitation.

When our touch changes we free ourselves to experience, to feel.

We free ourselves into a world of possibility.

Possibility of pleasure, of love, of intimacy and of Divine Awareness.

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