November 29, 2022

21 Celebs who are Aging like Fine Wine (& Why I Care).

10, okay 20, okay 30 celebrities who are aging like fine wine. And why we might care. 

I have a sad announcement: I’m aging. 

Enter, maitri: “Waylon, that may be sad—a process of letting go of youthful looks and attachment to them—but it’s not bad. With wrinkles comes some maturity and wisdom, with thinning hair the reminder that life is precious and short (you know, the Buddhist Four Reminders), with aches and injuries come appreciation for our health, instead of taking our privileges for granted. That’s all good.”

Oh, I know, I reply, with a sigh. And I have to say that when I embrace my aging, I remember the joy in living, and I honestly feel just as good-to-look-at as ever. It’s fun, this process.

Maitri: “whelp, if you mean it, my work here is done. And if you only half mean it, remember—it’s okay to feel sad, to look at what’s changing, it’s okay to feel.”

“At death, a person abandons what he construes as mine.” ~ The Buddha.

From a Buddhist point of view, we don’t want to slow aging. We would like to live a long life, so we can be of benefit and enjoy it thoroughly. But we don’t want to stay young. That’s some kind of weird attachment to external looks, perhaps. Of course, it is beautiful to stay fit, active, drive less, walk more, take the stairs, walk on the escalator!

But instead of trying to stay “young,” let’s practice the four reminders.

  1. Helen Mirren.

  2. Halle Berry always

  3. Marisa Tomei

  4. Ming Na Wen. Speaking of ER, Mekhi Phifer and Parminder Nagra still look pretty much the same as they did back then too.

  5. Sandra Bullock.

  6. Linda Cardellini

  7. Eva Green, living up to her name I see

  8. I never rated Oscar Isaac before but that beard and salt and pepper hair? Hot damn

  9. Angela Bassett.

  10. Paul Rudd for sure.

  11. Gillian Anderson, she’s my hero

  12. Salma Hayek

  13. Steve Carrell

  14. Ewan McGregor.

  15. Jennifer Connelly

  16. Idris Elba ?

  17. Rachel Weisz.

  18. Pierce Brosnan. He already looked great as Bond back in the 90s, but the beard and age really suits him

  19. I was literally just talking to my girls who were watching the new Babysitters Club TV show. Alicia Silverstone is in it and I even mentioned she is aging very well. Had to look it up she is 46 and looks great! My teenage crush in Clueless and Batman still looks good!

  20. Diane Lane

  21. Sam Neill. Just saw “Jurassic World Dominion” And he looks damned good for a 75 year old. I’m a guy and I hope I look as good as him as I age! Reminds me of Sean Connery (with his toupee) in Hunt for Red October, which ironically he costarred with.

Most all comments via this great thread.

Read more here: Every Body Gets Old. 

“At death, a person abandons what he construes as mine.” ~ The Buddha.

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Read 6 comments and reply

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