November 9, 2022

Celebrating You: How to Create a Spiritual Birthday Ritual.

There are a lot of powerful energies present around our birthday, and it’s best to take advantage and maximize the potential of these energies with spiritual practices.

Many people throw parties to celebrate their birthdays, but have you ever actually celebrated you?

Do you celebrate your life, the fact that you are alive, and who you are? Or do you celebrate your birthday as a habit?

I used to celebrate my birthday but never me. Frankly, since I was a kid, I hated my birthday. As a child, my birthday was about adults coming over to gossip with my parents over my birthday cake and wine. I never had a kids birthday party.

After I grew up, I started to keep my birthday secret. Not telling anyone but secretly expecting people to know. Then when they failed to wish me a “Happy Birthday,” I was disappointed.

I am still not a fan of my birthday but it started to feel better once I dedicated it to a spiritual ritual. From a spiritual point of view, a birthday is a milestone, a transition from an old year to a new one.

When you’re conscious of your birthday’s spiritual significance, you can celebrate it in a meaningful way. You can use this day to honor your spirit, release old energy, embrace the energy of new beginnings, and manifest new goals and desires. These practices also help to reconnect with yourself on a deeper level.

I started to create a spiritual birthday ritual for myself a few years ago. One thing I do is to isolate myself and spend the day in solitude as much as I can. Sometimes, I even travel somewhere alone so I can connect with myself, undisturbed. I don’t do this anymore to test my family and friends to see if they think of me. Instead, I do this to really seize the day for myself.

We are all different, so I advise you to create your own personalized birthday ritual to make the most out of celebrating you.

Here are aspects of my birthday ritual to inspire you to create your own:

I love to travel to Lake Balaton in my country, Hungary, where my family owns a tiny summer house that was built by my great-grandfather. My birthday is in the middle of summer—the 19th of July—so it’s usually perfect weather. I make sure I have the whole house to myself, wake up with the sun, and spend the morning in silence.

This year is a bit different. I will celebrate my 32nd birthday in Scotland, by the sea. And I won’t be in complete solitude.

When I have the chance, I take a cleansing bath with candles, essential oils, and bubbles to symbolically wash away the past year. If I don’t have access to a bathtub, I take a cleansing shower or swim in the lake, visualizing the water washing away the past year. I imagine myself getting rid of every negativity, sorrow, pain, sadness, and lingering guilt while keeping the positivity and love. This year, if the weather allows, I’m going to wash away my year in the salty sea water.

My zodiac sign is Cancer and water is my element. I feel alive and renewed whenever I connect with water. So, it makes sense for me to include something in my rituals and ceremonies that contains water. If you feel more called to other elements, you can create your own ritual around it.

I get dressed in my favorite outfit: a soft, printed dress or comfy harem pants. I nourish myself with my favorite breakfast, consumed in silence and preferably in the sun. I focus on my food so I can really savor the flavors.

I light a votive candle for the coming year with my favorite music playing in the background as fragrant incense fills the air.

I reflect on my year and my personal growth by reading back through my gratitude journal. So many wonderful moments have already slipped from my conscious memory from the past year. I love to call them back for a brief visit.

Next, I journal about my upcoming year—my plans, dreams, and where I want to be after the next 365 days end. Sometimes I even work on a vision board.

I listen to my favorite songs all day and dance around the garden in bare feet. I love to be in nature, and it feels even more special on my birthday.

I feed my soul with meditation.

The rest of the day is spent differently each time, depending on my mood and what is around me. I love to go to the beach at home to swim, sunbathe, and read my favorite book in the shade while indulging in my favorite ice cream. I also treat myself to a gluten-free lángos (Hungarian fried bread topped with sour cream, garlic, and cheese) or a pizza.

The most magical thing that has happened for me with this ritual is that it removed the expectations I once placed on others for how my birthday should be celebrated, which in turn manifested an abundance of love pouring in from others.

My connection with my mother got stronger. In fact, she became the only person I pick up the phone for when she calls on my birthday. I had to realize that, in the end, we went through my birth together.

I share a different birthday ceremony with my sister, and our relationship has become more intimate thanks to this. We go out on a Sister Day (never on my actual birthday) and visit my favorite raw confectionery where I order the craziest sounding cake slices with the most unique lemonades.

Sometimes we eat macarons at another favorite place but when we do that we always end up in the pouring rain. Actually, I quite love that—I love the rain and it makes for the best memories of my sister walking home barefoot in the flooding rain holding our little macarons to my heart.

I used to buy myself a special gift each year, something valuable I was yearning for. This year, I’ll have something I can’t wrap up: the gift of peace.

By the age of 32, I finally got to a place where I can be at peace with myself, at peace with who I am, how my body looks, or even with doing nothing. Now I can fully enjoy my own presence on my own day.

How do you celebrate your birthday?


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