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November 22, 2022

The box of feelings

‘Sometimes I feel I want to blurt out so much but it gets stuck somewhere

Sometimes I see you wanting to tell me something but it gets stuck somewhere

Sometimes I see us sharing a few difficult sentences but then it gets stuck somewhere….’

I feel like most of my life I have been a box of feelings, I feel so much so often that I cannot get my thoughts in order.

Checking my WhatsApp chat list made me realise so many people I would chat with on a regular basis now have slid down the chat list bit by bit, and ofcourse I too have in their list.

There are days I want to reach out to so many of my friends and family and I just cannot, the thought of organising my thoughts to have a in depth conversation seems like a big task. So I let our chats disappear somewhere as life takes over in the present moment.

I realised this is how some of my friends and family also must feel. That there is so much to say that nothing comes out.

I sometimes visualise all of us in a factory somewhere, a factory of feelings, each person in a different shape of a box, either big or small or dented , either bright or dull or patched up. Regardless of the exterior, there is so much stored inside, feelings that can run a river. Yet nothing comes out.

I believe we all have become so emotionally independent and also empathetic that we think multiple times before reaching out to anyone.

I honestly feel as if I am disturbing someone who clearly has a lot going on, that I don’t want to cast a shadow over someone’s sunshine, so I just deal with myself.

But off late more and more I feel that I have boxed up my feelings and so have so many people around me. I truly believe that we should open the box and let out our emotions bit by bit.


Sometimes I speak at length and you listen

Sometimes you speak at length and I listen

Sometimes we both speak so that feelings flow …

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