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November 24, 2022

The Present Sexual Moment

Photo by Aleksandr Burzinskij on Pexels.

When we release our obsession with orgasm.

When we let go of measuring, of performance and outcomes.

When we stop trying to quantify sex.

We might just free ourselves to be in our bodies.

We might just free ourselves to allow the energy and desire within us to flow, to be expressed naturally.

We might just free ourselves to experience the present sexual moment.

We might just free ourselves to the awareness of how many ways our sexuality can be expressed.

We might just free ourselves to see how our sexuality is connected to other aspects of ourselves that need expression.

We might free ourselves to see how our sexuality is a path of awareness, of listening to our bodies, our hearts.

We might free ourselves for our wild eroticism to dance within us, to dance in life.

We might free ourselves to see that sex doesn’t necessarily end, rather flows from one moment to the next as an expression of life. It changes its state, changes its form, is ever present.

The present sexual moment arises from within us, from how we’re feeling, what we’re feeling.

And the way we have sex in that moment is an expression of that.

Maybe this experience is about sensation, the sensation of different ways of having sex, different positions, moving fast, moving slow.

Exploring the sensations of our bodies, of Yoni and Lingam, of skin and mouths.

Dropping deeper into the subtlety of what we’re feeling as sensation.

Maybe this experience is about energy, expressed in many ways.

Maybe it’s about the fire, growling, deep, hard.

Maybe it’s about the water, flowing, gentle, slow.

Building the energy, moving it in the body, dancing, melting.

Maybe this experience is about penetrating to the heart, opening from the heart, deep, deep and deeper.

Maybe this experience is about surrendering, taking, giving, in so many ways.

Maybe this experience is play, laughing, fun, exploring, discovering.

Maybe this experience is what we really want, asking, minute by minute. Being heard, seen, acknowledged.

Maybe this experience is…

So many ways for us to experience and express our desires and energy.

When we free ourselves from the pattern of orgasm, of one way of having sex, of the way it should be.

To listen, to feel, what’s in our body, now, what’s awake, what’s alive, what’s longing to be expressed, to dance, to be shared, to be seen, to be felt.

There’s a richness in our sexuality that we often don’t allow, colours, tastes, sounds, sensations, feelings, energy, so much.

So often our expectation is that it’s all the same, every time.

The present sexual moment is a pause to listen to the voice within.

It may take time to hear, it’s been a long time since we listened.

It’s a pause to feel what’s within, it may take time for the awareness to arise.

It requires a voice.

It requires being heard.

It requires an understanding that there is so much more within us than the chasing of an orgasm, the way so many of us experience that, a few short moments.

It requires us to become more conscious of what we desire.

And it invites us into the moment.

The present sexual moment is a moment of possibility in the limitless field of pleasure.

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