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November 14, 2022

Who’s Going To Drive Me Home Tonight?

Photo by RABİA on Pexels.

Driving home I watch as the snow softly falls.

I pray that the angels will help my car navigate the slippery roads.

I know they exist I saw two of them in the back of a Ford pickup truck once.

“Here we are again”, I whisper to the ghost of a man in my car.

I often find myself having conversations with a man that sits quietly while I navigate icy roads. These are lucid moments I assure you.

This man is the future and the past all rolled into one. Sometimes it is a conversation with my former love and at other times my future love.

This is totally acceptable nowadays in the era of blue tooth and speakerphone

We all have moments I am sure and days when we need more than a little help from above.

Let’s face it navigating life’s daily struggles solo is not for the faint of heart and neither is navigating a Canadian Winter all on your own. There have been Winters when I called for the roadside so many times that the tow man thought I was requesting him specifically. This really was a conundrum. I digress. Life as we know it happens quickly and all we really have is this moment. This is the magic of ” now”.

This is the moment that brings us back to reality and grounds us here.

” Honestly is courageous,” I say again to my car companion and of course, there is no response and still I look to the passenger seat.  My daily commute to work brings me to my knees praying for a change in the world and in myself. I hope for peace and the courage to continue to pursue writing difficult pieces. I pray for the dedication and commitment to ” get things done”.

Tonight I pray to make it home safely.

I have been navigating solo for four years now and each day I have to talk things out reminding myself that I can do all the things I say I can do.

If I listen closely sometimes I hear a faint echo of my Father’s voice telling me to be strong and carry on. During these moments the tears well and I let them fall while driving. My car is a safe place for tears and conversations with the deceased as well as manifesting and finding new meaning here.

Synchronicities are magical and I am overcome with peace.

“Drive on” whispers a voice you have only just begun.

Thankfully, my car glides through the snow as if carried by angels and I arrive safely home.

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Read 4 comments and reply

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