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December 11, 2022

2023 Goals: 10 Ways to Make New Friends Quickly

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Whether you’re starting a new job, moving to a new city, or traveling to another country for business or on vacation, sometimes we need a shortcut to make new friends and connections.

Making friends might come easy to some people but it gets tricky for others, especially when it has to do with a whole new context. But not to worry, here are 10 easy ways to make new friends and connections quickly.

1. Make the First Move

You don’t always have to wait for someone to set the atmosphere. Sometimes, all it takes is just a compliment as little as “I love your dress,” “I love your shoes,” or “you smell nice.” Try to start the conversation.

2. Be Friendly

What most people don’t know when it comes to making new friends is that they sometimes give off a look that appears unapproachable. You don’t always have to be too serious or give off stern looks.

A bright smile on your face can attract people to you. It makes for people to start complimenting you even when you haven’t yet said a word. Don’t be boring by just saying “thank you” to compliments either. Let the person know how much their kind words mean to you.

3. Meet Your Friends’ Friends

Safe to say the friend of my friend is my friend, just as they say the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Having one friend is an opportunity to meet their own friend. Who knows? You might just get to connect so well with your friend’s friend.

4. Small Favors

Everyone has a favor to ask every now and then. A person in need of a favor is a good opportunity to make a new friend or a stronger connection. If it is something you can handle, do well to give your all to help the person out in such an instance.

5. Volunteer

One very effective way to make friends easily is by volunteering. You can volunteer for a music festival, concert, and other social gatherings. There, you get to meet new people or even work in a team, and just before you know it, you’re already getting along.

6. Show Interest When Conversing (Body Language)

How well do you use your body language? Your body language actually does much to show how much interest you have in a conversation. Showing interest via your gestures when a conversation is going on gives people a feeling of acceptance.

7. Share Your Interest

One of the reasons why you want to make new friends is to find people who you share a common interest with. To find that, you might need to share what interests you. Sharing your interest helps people know who you are and what you love. You might want to talk about a magazine you love reading, your fashion choices, or thoughts on business or politics. You never know, someone might just have an interest in the same thing you do.

8. Connect on Social Media

Social media is one great space to meet new people. Even though some don’t find it safe to do so, there are still good people you can connect with as friends on social media spaces like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, etc. As long as you know what you’re looking out for in a friend and it complements your interest and values, you can connect with them easily just by engaging their posts and from there, you set the pace.

9. Be Yourself

No one wants to be friends with someone whose life is just a facade. Be real and be yourself. Let people know you for who you are. If you’ve got a bad attitude, you can adjust. If you get angry easily, you can get expert help on how to control your temper. You have to be yourself in order to be a great friend.

10. Ask Questions

Questions are a great way to start a conversation. Even if you don’t have an opinion on a particular issue, simply asking questions will show that you are interested in the conversation. What’s more, people love to show they have expert knowledge of certain things. You might just meet someone who really loves answering your questions and wants to be friends because of that.

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