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December 18, 2022

Intuition Is Our Emotional GPS For Life and Love.

Photo by Afta Putta Gunawan on Pexels.

I am writing in a coffee shop after being stood up and drawing on my resources to pull myself up and out of a Sunday funk. We have all experienced this. As you read this you might be experiencing this yourself! The holiday draws near and we evaluate and judge our singleness.

My weekend adventures started on a bar stool on Friday dangling a Christmas drink while listening and watching my single girlfriend rapidly texting a man she had been on a date with earlier this month.  My relief was demonstrated with a sigh when she read ” he doesn’t remember me.’This didn’t stop my friend she texted and gushed on while I made banter with the bartender. When the bartender left me alone to my thoughts I  sat in disbelief watching the texting back and forth while I dissolved into the noise and background of a restaurant and bar filled with couples and Christmas parties. I took the opportunity to float high above observing it all and then I slowly descended back on my perch at the bar.

Plunk, I landed hard and nearly knocked over my Christmas Sangria juniper and all.

This year I  had none of this. I accepted a blind date on Friday for Sunday just feeling it was not going to work out. Now you might call this pessimistic thinking or intuition and higher knowing. You see he wasn’t exactly excited and eager to be set up. My emotional GPS and Higher knowing have been kicking into gear full force lately and when I received the message at 7 am ” Sorry for the late notice I can’t meet” I somehow already knew my antenna was up.

I am highly intuitive so much so that at times I have felt that it is a curse. Today I know my inner GPS is my guide and what I pick up I might not always like or want but it is all there nonetheless.  We need to learn to trust our intuition like we would a roadmap or GPS because we all have it and this includes when we pick up when others are attracted to or interested in us. The spidy vibe or sexual tension is a real thing.

How do we learn to trust our GPS system? We learn to navigate while using it of course.

We put out what we desire and how we want to feel and we set our course. We don’t always get who or what we want this is the key. We do get an opportunity to explore and live life enjoying all of God’s creations. If we let self-doubt in we start thinking everything is about us and start feeling paranoid. Trust your GPS and start driving the journey is spectacular. At the end of this article, I realize my funk has passed and my heart is lighter. The coffee shop is filled with people. We are all on a journey my recommendation is let your heart and soul speak the rest will follow.

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