January 17, 2023

4 Unique Ways to Make Daily Life More Magical.


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Let’s face it, even though time passes by quickly, the days can feel long.

I remember I once heard the phrase: the days are long, but the years are short, and I definitely know the feeling now.

My days often are repetitive cycles consisting of some combination of working, cooking, cleaning, exercising, and sleeping. Throw in some fun events on the weekend, and that’s pretty much what life is looking like right now.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the flexibility of working from home and setting up my own schedule, but that doesn’t mean the repetition has no effect on me.

I was finding myself feeling just generally unexcited about life as I repeated the daily cycle.

But instead of feeling bored or apathetic, I was determined to find ways to add more magic to my days. I didn’t want to just watch the time pass by, I wanted to find meaning in the small moments.

This desire to discover more meaning is what led me to share my writing and build an audience. It’s been a slow but exciting journey as I release my words into the world!

Releasing a weekly article has pushed me to find new moments of inspiration in daily life. I soon realized that there’s so much to be excited about and a myriad of ways to add more magic and wonder.

If you’re feeling stuck, like life has lost its spark, this article is for you. Don’t let the repetition of daily life make you uninterested in finding meaning. I promise that it’s out there.

So here are four ways that I have managed to inject some more magic into my day and I hope it ignites some newfound excitement in you, too.

Try any or all of these out and witness your life feeling full once again.

Four ways to add more magic to every day:

1. Raise your vibration through meditation.

I recently started doing this meditation every morning and it has been a game changer.

Instead of waking up and immediately checking my email or phone, I sit down for 15 minutes and let this meditation relax my entire body.

There’s a popular term in the manifestation world called “raise your vibration” and this meditation will do just that.

Raising your vibration means that you get out of lower-level feelings like apathy and boredom and into higher-level feelings like joy and gratitude.

When you spend more time with those higher emotions, you are able to attract more opportunities and abundance into your life.

The beautiful thing about doing this first thing in the morning is that you set the tone for the rest of the day.

You can raise your vibration and have gratitude that you get to live another day on this amazing planet.

Even after just a week of doing this in the morning, I have gotten new opportunities presented to me at such a fast rate. I am excited to see what happens after 30 days of starting my day this way.

Try it out for yourself even for just a week and watch life open up.

2. Go for a phone-free walk.

Whenever I am feeling stuck or just generally “blah,” I will go on a phone-free walk.

Instead of trying to multitask and listen to podcasts or return calls on a walk, I will simply just go out there and be with nature.

There’s so much beauty that exists around us and most of it goes unnoticed.

Have you ever taken the time to notice nature even in your own neighborhood?

The plethora of trees, plants, wildlife, colors, sights, and sounds that exist around you is truly a wonder of its own.

So many people talk about reaching heaven or finding paradise without even realizing that we’re living it here on planet Earth.

Next time you are on a walk, turn off the distractions and tap into the amazing harmony of the natural world surrounding you.

I promise that you will never doubt the magic of life ever again.

3. Script your future life.

One of my favorite manifestation methods is called scripting.

Basically what it means is that you script the future life you desire. You write out your goals and dreams in the present tense as if they have already happened.

The subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and fantasy, so when you script out the future you want, you are telling your mind that this is where you want to go.

From there, your subconscious mind will start looking out for opportunities, people, and events to get you to this place and make it your reality.

Think about it this way: a fearful mind will find ways to continue to be scared. An open and hopeful mind will find ways to expand and create abundance.

Scripting is one of the best ways to shape your reality to match your desires.

A great way to start is to write out the date a year from now at the top of your page. Then write out a day in your life as you desire it in the present tense.


January 10th, 2024, I start my day by doing meditation and yoga. I am so excited to get out of bed and find new inspiration for writing. I spend two hours working on my book followed by working with my amazing coaching clients. I have fun by…

Many things that I have scripted have come true (I always go back and read old journals).

Even just the act of doing it makes me excited to see what new opportunities come my way.

I promise if you do this, you will be amazed at what comes true for you.

4. Notice the synchronicities.

We’ve all heard the phrase: it’s 11:11 make a wish!

While that is a cute saying and fun to see the clock at this time, there is some truth behind it.

Synchronicities, like repeating numbers or phrases, are messages directly from the universe. These let you know that you are on the right track and that the universe is there guiding you.

When I first started my journey of expanding my mind, I started noticing these all the time.

And it was way beyond just seeing 11:11 on the clock. It evolved into even wilder synchronicities and events.

I have so many examples of me randomly thinking about someone from my past and then them texting me the next day.

I recently had one where I thought of someone from high school and then I saw them on a deserted beach across the country from where I grew up just days later.

I will also hear phrases or notice themes in shows I am watching or things I recently thought about.

It goes way beyond coincidence at this point and I have no doubt in my mind that the Universe is listening to me.

Seeing these events is always an amazing reminder that I am supported and my dreams are taking shape.

This is the number one way I notice the magic every day.

Start to tap in and take note of the repeating patterns in your life, how many can you notice?


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