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January 9, 2023

A Full-Body Energy Breast Orgasm

Photo by Pok Rie on Pexels.

A full-body energy orgasm from having one breast, one nipple stimulated.

I share this with you because of the possibility.

I share this with you to show how limitless pleasure is.

I share this with you to show what’s in our bodies.

I share this with you to show the power of sexual energy.

We were lying in bed and I reached over and began to gently caress my lover’s breast and nipple.

She was actually reading, and after a few minutes she put her book down and closed her eyes.

I was touching her gently with no intention of anything else happening. We were both tired and I thought that in a while we might drift into sleep.

Then I felt a gentle wave of energy move through her body, I watched her hips lift and her breath catch in her throat.

I felt it, and it woke something up in me, coming more into presence, and arousal.

I continued caressing, stroking her breast and nipple.

Not touching anywhere else.

Now with awareness, feeling the energy move in her body.

I watched my hand and fingers touch in ways I’ve never done before.

There were ripples that became waves.

Sensation, energy.

There was a heat in her breast.

Her hips, her belly were moving gently.

Sounds of pleasure and a deepening breath.

The energy built slowly.

The touch was sometimes faster, sometimes slower, sometimes so gentle, sometimes a little harder, squeezing, pinching, but never hard enough to interfere with the movement of energy.

The energy, the sensation built into a full-body orgasm, waves of energy moving through her, through me.

The waves became ripples, became stillness, quiet.

A release, a softening, an opening.

A bubble of energy around us, holding us in such an intimate space, so connected.

It was emotional for both of us, some tears at the power of the experience.

I share this with you to share the possibility, which is there for all of us.

And to put it in a context.

It had been a week of deep healing, releasing, discussion, sharing between us.

Vulnerability as we shared anger and frustration, connected to patterns from our pasts, and helped each other to release, to heal, to let go.

This is so important.

Our sexuality happens in the context of our lives, connected to every aspect of ourselves.

When we heal, when we release blocked emotions, when we free ourselves from patterns and conditioning, when we become more aware, it touches our sexuality.

It touches our bodies, our hearts and energy.

And to have deeper experiences, to go to these places we have to go deeper within ourselves.

It was sexual experiences that brought the emotions and awareness to the surface.

And after we’d cleared what was there, there was a difference in our pleasure.

Not only a tenderness but a deeper desire, more openness in our bodies, and deeper intimacy.

A sharing of more of what we really wanted.

And the possibility of a full-body energy orgasm just from touching one breast, one nipple.

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