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January 4, 2023

A Yoni Prayer

‘Are you going to pray?’ she asked me as I took a cushion off the couch and put it on the floor.

‘I am’ I said as I gently lifted her legs.

For this is my temple, this is where I worship.

This is where I kneel between your legs and look at the beauty, the mystery of your Yoni.

This is where I gaze at your lips, at their parting.

This is where I breathe in and breathe out, slowly, as I settle into the meditation of seeing you.

This is where I approach you with my mouth and kiss you in reverence, my lips upon your yours.

This is where I feel the softness of you, the warmth of you.

This is where I inhale the subtle fragrance of you that is the aroma of the temple.

This is where I taste your nectar, earthy, oceanic, mysterious, the taste of the goddess.

This is where I feel you pulsate and throb.

This is where I hear your sighs, your moans, your breath, singing a hymn of pleasure.

This is where you open to me, draw me in, welcome me.

This is where I enter sacred space, the sanctuary of the temple.

And in this temple I am healed, I am seen, I am felt.

I am taught of tenderness and I am taught of fire.

I am taught of space and I am taught of fullness.

I am taught of movement and dance, stillness and quiet.

I am taught of the sacred, secret whispering  and I am taught of the roar of a beast.

In this temple my desire is revealed, is seen, is released.

And I am opened, revealed, vulnerable and powerful.

In this temple of the body the mystery of pleasure is explored and known.

In this temple of the body the rituals of pleasure are enacted.

In this temple of the body I experience life and dissolution.

In this temple of the body I am inspired and emptied.

In this temple I am renewed to life.

‘I am going to pray’, I said, as I knelt between her thighs, bowed my head, and slowly approached the temple of her Yoni.

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