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January 14, 2023


Photo by Edward Eyer on Pexels.



A moment of human being to human being.

A belonging.

To be seen, heard, felt.


And maybe, dare we say it, accepted, loved.

This is what we’re looking for, so many of us.

In so many ways.

It drives so much of what we do.

From a place deep inside of us, a longing.

A desire.

A fire of desire.

And when we can stand before another, free of the masks, the armour, the games, the stories, the machinations we use to be accepted, to be loved.

When we can stand before another, and offer ourselves, offer our love, our tenderness, our tears and our joy.

When we can stand revealed, then intimacy will be present.

We don’t have to do anything, other than be ourselves.

That’s the journey, to be ourselves.

To heal ourselves, and to ask what does that mean?

It’s to know ourselves, to know all of who we are, all that we’ve done.

To see it, look at it, look into it.

To rage, to cry, to sit with the hurt.

And to look into ourselves with the tenderness of release.

With the softening of opening our hearts.

With the awareness that what was, what the past was, does not have to be today.

This moment, filled with possibility, is an invitation, for more of this essence self, this knowing self, this loving self, to be present.

And to live with that.

To do that breath by breath.

This inner journey is where intimacy and love arises.

And then we offer ourselves, to another, to life, to love, with love, for love.

In this, the finding, the discovering, the revealing of this self, in the unveiling of this self, we make the space for intimacy to emerge.

It’s there already, it always was.

Waiting for us.

Sometimes whispering in the quiet darkness, just to let us know it’s there.

And in its wisdom, in its time, we see that.

And we see that to know this intimacy, to know love, we have to undress ourselves, take off the layers of patterning, of conditioning, of belief.


Let them fall to the ground, layer by layer.

And with each one that drops, more of this self can be seen, felt, known.

We’ll see that our gaze turns more within.

So that we may see what’s around us with clearer eyes, with a heart more open, a body that can move, breath that can flow.

Movement and stillness, fire and water, earth and air, the sky.

All within us, not separate.

You and I, one in life.

Every moment, a possibility to experience myself.

And which self shall I be?

My intimate self knows love, and knows how to live with love, live as love.

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