January 9, 2023

“I had little-to-no interest in Harry’s Tell-All book until I read this review by hater Piers Morgan.”

*Another mindful perspective: What Meghan & Harry can Teach Us All about Family.

The caption above is everything.


Below: “The fact that Piers Morgan hates it just makes this book all the more attractive to me.”

“Yeah really, I had NO desire to know any more about this family especially when the most salacious news so far is a bit of banter and some fraternal rough housing. but now my interest is officially piqued! I lowkey kinda wanna grab a copy.”

Remember: “Piers Morgan is forever butt hurt that Megan left him in the middle of dinner to go meet Harry.”

“I mean, I’d use that quote in an advertisement for the book. I had no interest in reading this book before, but now I’m reconsidering.”

r/WhitePeopleTwitter - Good on him I say

My reluctant take on Harry & Meghan & Spare & all the Royal & public blowback.

I couldn’t give less of a care about the monarchy. Or about the dramas of rich powerful lives, or about idol-worship. I care about climate change, say, you know, the future and present of everything we hold dear.

But…I watched the 60 Minutes interview with Harry, last night, almost against my will, and it was riveting. His bravery and vulnerability in the face of so much toxic uncaring, against the tabloids, is indeed worth witnessing.

And the blowback against this gentle man speaking his truth, and mostly, the truth, reminds me of “locker room talk” defenses of Trump. “Oh, you mean two brothers getting in a fight, happens all the time.” “He should shut up and stop complaining.” Good for H&M for hanging in there.

We all like to tell “messy” to be quiet. That’s not healthy.

Now, back to reality, where humans without many millions and fame try to hang in there every day without any help.

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