January 23, 2023

Waylon with yoga teacher Faith Hunter: career, moms, access/tokenism in Yoga community.


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Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis presents:

Waylon with yoga teacher Faith Hunter on Career, Burnout, Moms, & Tokenism/Access in the Yoga Community.

Inside a new Walk the Talk Show conversation with Waylon Lewis: he and longtime friend and yoga teacher, Faith Hunter, discuss careers, burnout, moms, as well as tokenism and access within the yoga community.

Waylon: “What’s your helpful advice for whoever who are dealing with burnout and trying to take care of themselves while on the whole treadmill of being busy? Parents, entrepreneurs, students, everyone?”

Faith: “I think the thing that I’ve learned and I probably would’ve told myself 10 years ago is to try my best to get rest and create some level of balance. When I was young, I was vibrant and I was excited and things are popping…and…it’s hard to say no! And so I was probably saying ‘yes’ to way more than I should have said ‘yes’ to.” 

Or, listen to the podcast:

“Let’s be really honest. There really weren’t any people that looked like me. I mean, there were not other Black or even BIPOC yoga teachers at that level, at that moment in time. And it’s interesting ’cause I was reading something today about imposter syndrome. At that moment in time, I felt like a major imposter.” ~ Faith Hunter 

Find Faith on Instagram, here and on YouTube here. Follow her for continued empowering information. Check out her website to be among the first to join her newly released wellness app, ELEVATE.

“ELEVATE is your safe space for personal healing! It is the ONLY destination to access exclusive Spiritually Fly™ content created by leading well-being expert Faith Hunter. You will find self-care and mindfulness practices to support a busy yet intentional lifestyle. The deep-dive workshops pulled directly from her book, Spiritually Fly, you will have access to one-of-a-kind healing tools related to forgiveness, self-love, communication, manifestation, overcoming fear, clarity, and living unapologetically, just to list a few.”


A note from Waylon:

Big news about my podcast, new YouTube channel.

Our podcast and video series are trying to start up again, with Molly’s help! Help support them by viewing, listening, sharing—we’ve received many requests over the last years for mindful tips and conversations and the podcast to return. Boom! I’m once again doing a convo/video/podcast once a week. Hope you give it a listen.

I’m leaving behind Elephant’s 35,000 subscribers (Google never let us monetize) and many millions of views—and I hope you’ll subscribe to my new channel here: I’ll upload at least one video a week about everyday mindfulness and eco and meditation and relationships and food and equality and politics from a non-hateful perspective, and all that good stuff.

⁠So, anyways, starting a new account. Subscribe! Support! Share! All the things. May it be of benefit! Be one of my first and comment if you do so.

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