February 15, 2023

Recovering from the Emptiness after a Breakup. 

I had just come out of a long-term relationship that nearly broke me.

I knew walking away from someone I still loved was going to be hard, but what happened next paralyzed me. The weeks, months, and years that followed were completely empty and lifeless.

I couldn’t feel the beat of my own heart anymore. The world looked cold and gray.

I manoeuvred through each day almost numb.

I knew it would take time to get back on my feet. I knew my heart needed time to heal. So I gave myself time to grieve the loss. Then I slowly took the necessary steps to move on with my life.

I pushed forward and never looked back. I gave myself the necessary self-care required to heal my broken heart. I began to create the life I wanted to live. I opened myself up to meet new people. And I experienced things I never thought I would have done.

But things felt off. Something was missing. I was stuck, and I didn’t know how to recover.

How do I recover from the emptiness I felt after the breakup?

When I walked away, I not only left behind the love I felt for him but I left behind my ability to love all together.

I was unable to love myself, my career, my friends, my family, or anything in my life. I was just going through the motions. I had no thoughts. No feelings. No goddam zest.

We need love to function. So I began my quest to find the missing love from within.

I tried to force it back. That felt useless.

I attempted to learn it back. I couldn’t understand the instructions.

I even resorted to tricking myself. I was much smarter than I thought.

Where do I find the love I so desperately needed to survive?

You can’t force love. Anything forced is not authentic. You can’t learn love. It’s impossible to teach ourselves something we just don’t understand. And you most certainly cannot trick love. You can’t fool love.

Love is a f*cking vibe.

It’s a feeling deep within our soul that vibrates throughout our entire body. That vibration radiates outward, changing everything in our lives.

The love was always there inside myself. I, in fact, didn’t lose the ability to love. I just lost the feeling of love. And I needed to get it back.

Love is an attitude. It’s having the confidence to open ourselves up to love.

Love is positive energy. It is that energy with frequency or vibration. It’s believing that love will happen in line with the law of attraction. Love is essential to life and all living things. Life is the source of all the love available on Earth. Our love impacts Earth’s natural systems in ways we may not be aware of, so it is essential that we choose love.

If you think about love, you will attract events or circumstances with the same frequency. Love attracts love.

Love is a state of mind. It’s a choice you make. You need to commit to being “love.” When you send love, everything around you becomes love.

Love is impeccable for the mental peace and growth of everyone.

The best way to attract love is to surround yourself with love. When you’re around others who radiate love, it’s easier to focus on the love within.

Love is necessary in times of stress, grief, or other difficulties. If you feel the love within, it will help you develop the resilience to handle difficulties more easily and bounce back after traumatic or unpleasant events.

Changing your outlook on love builds resilience, improves relationships, boosts work performance, makes you happier and healthier, and leads to increased satisfaction with life—and more success, as a result.

I somehow forgot how to use love in my life. When we don’t use the love within, negativity takes over. Things become dark. Worry and fear begin to lead your life.

Once I began to put love in everything I did, love was all around me.

I started each day with love. From the moment I opened my eyes, I pulled that love from the inner depths of my soul and vibrated it to every ounce of my being. Every step I took oozed love.

I noticed the love all around me. Every little thing in my life was love.

I expressed love in everything I did. Even the things I didn’t like to do. When I loved what I was doing, it wasn’t so dreadful anymore.

I loved others regularly. I showed love to my friends, my family, and even strangers throughout my day. When you give love, you get love in return.

I cultivated love. I wasn’t teaching myself love, but I was learning love through experiences.

I used love through every challenge that came my way. Life has a billion reasons it can be hard. But if you love not only when life is good but love when things get hard, the hard days aren’t so bad.

When love is generated within, it creates a feeling of love in everything we do. When we use love in everything we do, we feel happy, calmer, less anxious, more focused, and more emotionally stable.

It wasn’t easy to tune into that vibe. I had to work on it every day. I had to focus on love. I had to practice love. I kept a journal about love. I had to open myself up to love. I had to concentrate on love when I was around people. I had to talk about love to myself when I was alone.

I got in touch with nature. I meditated. I rode my bike. I spent time in the garden. I took long walks. I ran. I sat by a bond fire.

All of these things awakened all the love that I was and released love to every person, place, or situation in my life.

I discovered love for myself by focusing and listening to my heart. Love brings magic into present moments. In those moments, I felt lighter, playful, hopeful, happy, and uplifted.

Love comes from clear intention, vision and inner connection.

Once I reconnected with the love within, the emptiness I felt was replaced by fullness. I could feel the beat of my own heart again. The world didn’t look so dark and gray anymore.

And the numbness faded away.

Love was the light I needed to see in the dark. Love was the warmth my world needed to give it life. Love was what made me feel alive.

Feel the love within, live the love within, and be the love within. Then let that vibe radiate into the world.


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