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February 3, 2023

Sunday Sex the Not so Guilty Pleasures We Need To Enjoy

Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels.

This week I made a new friend and as the week came to an end she gushed about the joys of Sunday sex. As we walked she talked about her upcoming weekend as well as days gone by. I am not sure how we came to the topic of Sunday sex and as she ” gushed” I watched her change physically. Just thinking and talking about sex her body softened and so did her face and a shade of pink flushed.

Sunday sex for many people is the best sex. If you research there is tons of writing and ” real” research on the topic. What makes Sunday so sexy? Let’s explore

Let me start here Sunday sex should not be limited to partner sex and the best self care we can offer ourselves is taking care of our own needs and desires. In fact self- pleasure may make us better lovers. Those that are able to achieve pleasure and enjoy sex are able to be in the moment when having sex and not stuck in one’s head ” thinking” which really makes a muck of good sex unless one is thinking ” sexy thoughts”. For the singles reading stick with me this piece is also for you. In fact singles may benefit the most.

Let’s Slow it Down:

Slow sex is great sex and the reasons are endless. Sex is a whole mind and body experience. Taking things slow helps us to really experience our senses. Making time for sex is healthy and strengthens relationships.There is nothing more leisurely then Sundays off. It usually takes us a few days off work to really unwind and not many people enjoy sex when they are thinking about work and feeling stressed. Slowing things down is the key to relaxation and really taking time to get into the groove either solo or partnered. To start we can just get comfy and focus on our breathing either solo or partnered. Getting into a relaxed state is the best start. A meditation or Yoga Nidra practice is an excellent way to facilitate this.


You don’t have to be religious to agree with this one. Sundays are often saved as a day of rest in many cultures and religions and the nonsecular or those in tune to nature. Many will agree that a day set aside is ” sacred” this is in the non busy sense meaning we cherish and keep the time reserved no matter what. The whole mind and body connection as well as energetic exchange is very real. Sunday is a day we often have time to meditate and come back home to our body or partner and our sanctuary. When we add slow and extra time with meditative practice in the bedroom we open up to breathe and sensual energetic flow..We are able to increase connection and lovemaking is taken to the next level which can be spiritual in nature.

Fueling the Fire: I personally love the extra time that Sunday brings for breakfast and the leisure of eating and reading in bed. Healthy food that fuels us can also act as an aphrodesiac. Slow warming foods can also spice things up in the kitchen and in bed. Delight the senses with taste as well as touch and watch your fires ignite. When I think of Sunday food I think of banana pancakes and scrambled eggs as well as fresh squeezed juice and rich coffee. Sunday can also be a great day to literally fuel the fire so light some candles and throw a log in the fireplace and warm and cozy up.

Nature: We all know that fresh air and sunshine help us feel good and help our libido as well as mental health. Take time to enjoy the great outdoors solo or parnterned and watch the passion return. If solo take yourself with or without a pet on a nature date. Stare at the clouds and feel the grass tickle your nose and toes. Pack yourself a picnic and take the day to just be out in nature. Explore and delight in every sense outside. This time is well spent. Nature is the ultimate backdrop for romance so for your next Sunday excursion enjoy some good old fashioned making out in the great outdoors. Lean your partner against a tree kissing, eye gazing  or lay side by side holding hands. Nature can help you see the beauty again in yourself your partner and in the world.

LIving Fully with Attention and Intention: Sundays are great days to focus on this key concept which really impacts sexual health and intimacy both with ourselves and with others. what does this really mean? Living fully and being active and engaged in life means that we bring our attention to the present moment and intention is our focus. Being present is key here. Our minds, bodies and spirit need to work together for the attention and intention to really work in the bedroom. Setting time aside for a regular intimate session with ourself or a partner may sound boring and routine however it does create intention.

We create space for love and connection. We make time for what is really important.

This Sunday think about how you can add some love and where you need to start.

Wishing you all the best of health and love.


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