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February 8, 2023

The Whole Body

There’s a voice of a Swami, hypnotic, relaxing, guiding a Yoga Nidra experience I listened to a few times. There’s a phrase from the meditation that stuck in my mind, exactly the way he said it, and repeated it again and again.

The Whole Body.

The Whole Body.

So often, particularly in relationships, we touch when we want sex, we touch as a way in to sex, we touch for the goal of sex.

And so often our touch becomes more genitally focused.

And then in the worlds of Neo-Tantra and Conscious Sexuality we talk about Sacred Sexual Massage. I’ve even used that title for workshops before.

Here’s the thing.

The Whole Body is Sacred.

Our genitals are no more or less sacred than our feet, our face, our hands.

No more or less sacred than our hearts.

And our whole body is a space, a field of limitless possibility, of sensation, of feeling. Of releasing and relaxing, of opening and softening, of healing, of arousal and pleasure.

When we touch from our hearts, as an expression of Love, so many of these elements come together.

In the whole body.

The Whole Body, with its curves and valleys, its plains, its rises and falls, its secret caverns, is a field of curiosity, of discovery, of exploration.

The Whole Body, the sensation of the skin, the muscles beneath, the blood that flows, the nerves that sense.

The Whole Body, the skin that welcomes touch, that longs to be met, stroked, held, caressed.

The Whole Body, from the top of the head, to the tips of the fingers and the ends of the toes.

The Whole Body, strokes that bring this being home to themselves.

The Whole Body, strokes that soothe, that relax, that heal, that open, that soften, that arouse. Strokes from the heart that communicate Divine Touch.

The Whole Body is Sacred.

And when we touch from the sacred within us, we touch as prayer, we touch as worship, on the altar of the body.

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