February 27, 2023

Virgo Full Moon: Reawaken the Healer Within. {March 7}

“Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed


What does it mean to take a healing journey?

What markers of healing can we find along the way that we have in fact healed? How can we grant ourselves deeper self-acknowledgment of the healing we’ve done and let go of the inner critic and pressure of what still needs to be done? Can we show up with this healed sense of self now and find wholeness even in still healing (maybe always healing) parts?

These are the questions of inquiry and self reflection we may be swimming in with the sun now in the watery, soft, sensitive, deep, introspective sign of Pisces.

Pisces season has been in full swing now for a week, and as with all Pisces energy, we are being asked to swim below the surface of our modern-day life and get in touch with the feeling, sensing, and dreaming realms. Pisces season is a deep invitation to notice any tendencies to disconnect from the intensity of reality, to disassociate, to drift off into the ethers and addictive behaviors, and to bring ample amounts of compassion to those parts that have found safety and survival in disembodiment strategies.

We had a soft yet serious feeling new moon in Pisces on February 19/20 that opened us up to these energies. With Saturn in the mix, this moon asked us to get more committed to the healing path and the needed structures to hold us through that process. We were asked to let go and soften into new beginnings at the same time. And to let go of the pressures and hypervigilance we’ve been putting on ourselves. Saturn absolutely applies pressure, but to add pressure to the pressure is needless and unnecessary strain and stress.

Saturn energy will continue to be with us as long as we live, weaving in and out of our lives, but always present in the energy of accountability he holds to take deeper self-ownership for our own energy and responsibility for our lives. To put in the work, to go through the lessons, to unwind the karma, and to feel the pressure and show up anyways.

Saturn has been in the air sign of Aquarius for the last three years. Hello Saturn return to all of you 28-31 year-olds out there. It has been a doozy and then some. The first Saturn return (of which Saturn returns to the natal or birth placement that it was at the time of our birth, and continues to do so every 28-31 years) is usually the hardest, as we are getting familiarized with this stern, father energy—here to shake up our sh*t and help us grow the f*ck up. It is the deepest form of love, even if it feels like punishment and suffering.

Saturn asks: how attached are you to your suffering and toxic attachments? To old outdated structures and identities? Saturn doesn’t ask if we are ready or not. It shows up and it shows up full force, all guns blazing. Here for our greatest self-evolution but taking us through the karmic cycles of our conditioning to unwind the sh*t and be more self-accountable for our energy moving forward.

Saturn in Aquarius got weird. Covid. Pandemic. Collapse of society…well almost. Breakdown of structures. Collective energy and wondering where is our place and autonomy in that matrix? Deep lessons on sovereignty. On claiming our sovereignty or else choosing to go along with the science experiment of life and be messed with by external parasitical energies.

Aquarius is alien energy. And yet, energy around restructuring our relationship to the cosmology. To our consciousness, to the collective energies, and to not being run by them and the programming. To reclaim the structures of our minds and bodies. As if that was something we had to do in this lifetime. But lord knows to have total and complete ownership of your own energy is a rare thing these days. Outside influence and energies (i.e. technology, of which Aquarius energy  is associated with) has affected the structures of our brains and biological neural wiring more than we may ever realize in this lifetime. But, we made it first Saturn returners. And, bravo. You’re still alive.

And, alas, on March 7 we initiate a whole new round of fish entering the sea of their first Saturn return, as Saturn moves into Pisces. God speed and God’s grace to guide you all brave souls for showing up to this deep work in this lifetime. Saturn in Pisces is an energy we all will feel though. An energy of depth. Of plunging to the depths of healing, into the realms of consciousness, connecting deeper with our spiritual wellspring to carry us and create fortifying structures of self and in our world.

Saturn will ask us to take responsibility for our dreams, our creations, our manifestations, our emotions. And we will see the shadow sides of Pisces and where we are choosing instead to drown in self-avoidance, addictions, escapism, overwhelm, and shutdown, losing ourselves in fantasy land, and depression. Saturn energy can already bring an energy of depression and heaviness, so please do take the utmost care of your mental health during this next three-year transit. And get the support you need before you need it.

We will be diving deep back to the source of our eternal nature to find wholeness and the essence of creation again, to come back into the world and create structures full of heart, compassion, and healing.

This entry of Saturn into Pisces will be occurring on the same day as the full moon in Virgo, landing also on March 7 at 7:40 a.m. EST. The full moon will be at 16 degrees of the earth sign, co-ruled by Mercury (the planet that rules the mind and communication), as well as Chiron (the wounded healer).

As Virgo energy sits opposite to Pisces, we will be seeing and feeling both energies. Virgo brings the practicality to our lives, while Pisces brings the dreams and spiritual depth. Virgo energy is the needed dose of grounded-ness, stability, and be-here-now energy. Yet, ruled by Mercury, Virgo energy can easily get trapped in the pressurized container that is the mind. Overthinking can be associated with this energy. Overthinking, coupled with immobile energy, unable to take clear, concrete action forward. Virgo, in its highest, puts into place the needed routines, habits, and structures in order for us to truly succeed on this earth plane. Virgo energy is all about health and healing. Purification.

And, yet, obsession over purification of the physical body can often weigh heavy in spiritual-laden lands these days. Toxins in our foods. Toxins in our homes. Toxins in our water. In our air. Parasites. Mold. And heavy metals. Oh my! Toxins here, toxins there. Toxic. Toxic. You. Are. Toxic. And, you better detox now. Rather, you should have detoxed at the time of your birth on this godforsaken planet of death.

Yikes. I feel that too. Deeply. Just one more thing to be afraid of. If it wasn’t gluten, it’s dairy. If it wasn’t the water in our showers poisoning us with toxic metals, it’s the glyphosates in our GMO foods. And don’t get me started on the depleted soil we are growing our food in. It’s a miracle you’re even alive, truly! And even more miraculous, you get yourself to leave your fully infrared-ified, insulated, Wi-Fi-free bubble of pure air and Kangen water with your 5G-protective tin-metal jumpsuit and blue-light-blocking goggles and apparatus to brave the toxic world we live in.

Add in lifetimes of nervous system dis-regulation, a sprinkle or bucket of trauma, a dash and then some of Instagram profiles telling you all the things wrong with you, your body, how you’re eating, how you’re moving or not moving, and you have one neurotic Virgo. And we all carry Virgo energy, so it’s a spectrum. No wonder we want to take a mad dose of that Pisces escapism pill and check the f*ck out—if life on this nearly dried up, overheating planet is really that life-threatening and scary.

Okay. All jokes aside, this energy is deeply felt these days. If not personally so, we feel it through others’ experience of it. Don’t get me wrong. I have been through all of this and more. And I only poke fun because I, too, have taken on the tin-metal wearing hat of detox culture to the nth degree (amidst a full-blown health crisis, mind you).

Health (and healing) is the greatest wealth. If you’ve never been thrust full-force into an illness, dis-ease, or healing crisis, you may not truly know that having our health is truly the goldmine of vitality these days. We all have bodies (Virgo) and we all are absolutely divinely entitled to feeling healthy and balanced in them. And, healing the body also means healing the mind, the toxic emotions, the trauma. You can’t take the spiritual out of the human, but you can take the human out of the spiritual.

Virgo energy is here to remind us to do the needed health routines to return to our vessels. To heal the wounds we carry in our bodies and tissues. And Pisces is here to say, “Then let it go. Let it go, dear one, because you’ve done enough. And, this all ends some day. We will leave these bodies and these vessels. Heal, please. But heal the belief that your body is broken, malfunctioning, toxic, or beyond repair. Heal the body by healing the perceived separation from Source.”

This full moon reminds us to return to our bodies (Virgo) with the utmost care, tenderness, compassion, and spacious presence (Pisces) for all they are doing and have done for us along the healing journey and in this lifetime. If self-criticism undermines self-compassion more often than not, we have more mind- and heart-infused training to do, to call in the energies of the soul, of love, back into the mind and bring healing there.

Pisces season is the end of the zodiac wheel, just another reminder to close out this last energetic cycle and be done with it. We can only know healing when we have returned to the true source of our soul. Until then, we will be fighting tooth and nail to be free, all the meanwhile believing in our brokenness.

Pisces season is an invitation to let go of the heaviness still weighing on us. But, in order to let go, we first must feel it. And, not in a way as to continue to get attached to feeling as truth, but in a way of feeling it all the way through so we don’t have to keep returning to that wound with the same amount of ache. And, then to trust on a deeper level than ever before to surrender the pain fully and let it go.

This full moon will be opposite Mercury, which can bring some strain to our minds. We may feel a push and pull between our emotions and our minds. As if we can’t satisfy both. A tension point between what our minds want and what our hearts feel. So tread lightly on with yourself. Tread lightly on your mind. Be kind to your mind as you are learning how to trust life. Be kind to your mind as it is trying to control the outcomes of life. Be kind to your mind as it’s trying to control the healing process.

The moon and the sun will also be squaring off with Mars (still in Gemini), adding a little more heat and tension to the mix. Our emotions may feel at odds with how we need to take action moving forward. We may feel an impatience and a frustration at our given choices moving forward and may want to come to a decision now. We may be feeling panicky at the details of our action steps moving forward and thus entering into overwhelm and paralysis. But, we know we need to start taking heart-inspired and heart-aligned action. One. Step. At. A. Time.

The sun will also be conjunct Mercury adding another dose of our self-identity in terms of our mental faculties. How can we give our minds a break and more space when our emotions are intensified? Can we just give ourselves a little more compassion and softness when our minds want to beat us down to a pulp? Start there and keep going.

Mercury is now in Pisces, so we can use our minds to communicate self-compassion. Gentleness. Love. Sweet words only you can speak to your heart and truly start to practice receiving. Our words and communication may be laced with dreamy, ethereal qualities, seeking to elevate our minds and see the bigger purpose, the higher guidance of soul speaking always to our minds, if we dare to tune in and listen.

Venus will be in the sign of Aries, a fiery, leadership energy to take charge of our self-value, step out into connections again with directness, zest, and passion. Don’t let the fire burn you or others, though, in the process of you finding your own fire. And, if you happen to be human and do so, bring yourself ample amounts of compassion there, while taking needed responsibility for any harm caused.

This Virgo full moon is a time to reawaken the healer within. To return to our healing source. To know that as the true essence of health and wealth. To remember that healing can be a part of life, not the sole reason for existence. To not get bogged down if the body reawakens symptoms of dis-ease to get our attention to hidden energies and emotions buried deep within. Yes, it’s not always comfortable to sense the disturbance in ourselves, but the only way out is through the discomfort.

Allow this full moon to remind you that healing is within you even now. Health is within you even now. Wholeness is within you now. You never needed to heal from anything other than your self-hatred and forgetfulness of the power of healing within you.

Let this full moon bathe you in permission to be kind to the self now and always. To let go of the timeline of healing. Of perfection at the cost of your sanity. To know that perfection is not a state to be reached but an essence of wholeness to be remembered.

So remember yourself whole. And find the places where you don’t feel whole and give more love there. Allow yourself to be remembered whole. And in that remembering, healing begins and ends. No need to hold onto it. No need to control it. No need to micromanage it or yourself.

Let yourself be. And let yourself breathe. Home free. Letting yourself come home, in safety, trust, spaciousness, and love. Let the wounds be held in deeper love now. Growing. Growing. Growing. You. Always. Growing. Rooted in truer self now like an oak tree. Branches waving high. Roots sinking deep. Purity of soil and soul nourishing through and through. Water clear and pure giving life. New life reaching to the light. From darkness to light, you are here. Embodied. In body. Whole in body. Whole in being. Let. This. Being. And. Truth. Reawaken. Your. Soul. To. Healing. Now.


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