February 1, 2023

Waylon & Cara Cifelli talk Relationships & Weight & Diet & Body-Love.


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Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis presents:

Inside a new Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis:

Waylon talks with Cara Cifelli about diet culture/dating/thin privilege/beauty privilege and maitri—the Buddhist path of making friends with ourselves and how we feel about how we look.

“You deserve a partnership where you can relax and be your whole self. A partner who loves and accepts you fully.

So does believing you have to diet and change yourself to find a relationship the best strategy to finding the type of relationship you most desire? Or are you objectifying yourself in the same way you resent being objectified?” ~ @caracarincifelli (follow her)

Or, listen to the podcast:

“Since some people will love and accept you at your natural size, and others won’t—who would you rather put effort into attracting? People you’d have to sacrifice a healthy relationship with food and diet to be with, or people you can be your authentic and full self with?

If you believe you have to lose weight to find a partner, that suggests you will have to diet, restrict, and have a messed up relationship with food to find them. 

And—if you do successfully diet and lose weight and then land a partner, you will probably live in fear of gaining the weight back and have fear that they will leave you or no longer be attracted to you. How much emotional safety and trust can truly be present in a relationship like that? Is restricting food and losing weight the best way to find a partnership you most desire?” ~ Cara Cifelli

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Big news about my podcast, new YouTube channel.

Our podcast and video series are trying to start up again, with Molly’s help! Help support them by viewing, listening, sharing—we’ve received many requests over the last years for mindful tips and conversations and the podcast to return. Boom! I’m once again doing a convo/video/podcast once a week. Hope you give it a listen.

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