February 25, 2023

Waylon Lewis with “Glyphosate Girl” Kelly Ryerson. {Video, Podcast}


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Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis presents:

In our latest, greatest Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis, Waylon talks with Glyphosate Girl Kelly Ryerson. We discuss the dangers of glyphosate, alternative healthy organic pesticides, and Monsanto.

“When when glyphosate first came out, in those early days before it was an herbicide, it was actually used to clean  boilers—metal boilers and metal pipes because it could chelate minerals, bind them together. And then you could clean ’em out really easily. So now you apply this to the soil…and it’s doing the same thing where it’s chelating and binding minerals, making ’em bio-unavailable in our crops.

And we wonder why we’re all so nutrient deficient?!” ~ Kelly Ryerson

Or, listen to the podcast:

“We’re not anti-science at Elephant. Being [discerning about] GMOs isn’t anti-science. We want everything tested thoroughly. That is science, to test stuff thoroughly before we become the guinea pigs, which we are right now. I think messing with the fundamental building blocks of food is a little bit third rail for me. This seems to be an area where we can protect people’s lives, be pro-science, be pro-scientific process in a responsible way. Let’s get back to food as food.” ~ Waylon Lewis

“You’ll see the industry chemical company front groups saying, ‘Oh, don’t worry about pesticides because you can wash them off.’ That is absolutely not the case. It’s a systemic herbicide. It gets into the structure of the plant. There’s no washing it away.” ~ Kelly Ryerson


Find Kelly on Instagram, here for updates, resources, and important facts. Learn about the Petition to Regenerate America. And check out her website for more glyphosate facts and information.


A note from Waylon:

Big news about my podcast, new YouTube channel.

Our podcast and video series are trying to start up again, with Molly’s help! Help support them by viewing, listening, sharing—we’ve received many requests over the last years for mindful tips and conversations and the podcast to return. Boom! I’m once again doing a convo/video/podcast once a week. Hope you give it a listen.

I’m leaving behind Elephant’s 35,000 subscribers (Google never let us monetize) and many millions of views—and I hope you’ll subscribe to my new channel here: I’ll upload at least one video a week about everyday mindfulness and eco and meditation and relationships and food and equality and politics from a non-hateful perspective, and all that good stuff.

⁠So, anyways, starting a new account. Subscribe! Support! Share! All the things. May it be of benefit! Be one of my first and comment if you do so.


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