March 24, 2023

8 Reasons You Should Live by Your Heart in a Mind-Obsessed World.


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Our culture is mind-obsessed.

Humans spend the majority of their time working, crossing off to-do lists, overthinking, worrying, and trying to keep up with the 24-hour news cycle.

All this time spent in the mind has led us to lose a connection to the most important thing we all have, our body. Without our physical bodies, we would not be experiencing life here on Earth as we know it.

Your body, heart, and soul are craving attention and expression.

The main downfall of spending too much time in your head is that it leads to ailments like anxiety. The overthinking and worrying can feel like a never-ending hamster wheel that is difficult to get off of. But one of the best ways to free yourself from the trap of too much thinking is to live by your heart.

Living by your heart means you spend more time doing the things you enjoy, with the people who care about you. Living by your heart means that you build a relationship with yourself and prioritize it because you know how important it is. Living by your heart means that you express yourself and you are unapologetically you.

Now more than ever, our world needs people who live by their hearts. The world needs those connected to their soul who expresses joy and love effortlessly. I am confident that the people who will change this world and be future leaders are the ones who are living as their soul’s expression.

Sadly, too many of us are in our heads and lack that body-soul connection. I think it’s a by-product of hustle culture, which leads to burnout, stress, and pessimism.

When you can break from the masses and just be you, your entire world will expand. Your love life will transform and grow. Your outlook on life will feel lighter and freer. You’ll be able to process emotions more quickly. Small daily moments will feel meaningful.

So let’s all agree that we need to spend more time in our hearts instead of our heads. Will you be the change the world needs?

Here are eight reasons why living by your heart in a mind-obsessed world is the bravest thing you can do.

1. Our culture is mind-obsessed.

Our culture is way too mind-obsessed. We spend all day on our computers performing logical tasks and checking off to-do lists. We stare at screens for an ungodly amount of time and our brains are processing more information than it’s physically capable of. This has led us to become more depressed, anxious, and lonely. While I love that self-help is so popular now, I think that it can also be mind- and thought-heavy. In order to get out of our heads and lower our anxiety, we need to drop into the body. Incorporate more movement, fun, play, pleasure-seeking, and new experiences. When you can live from your heart and quiet the mind, you’ll find a life that feels magical and meaningful.

2. Your love life will transform.

All human beings emit a vibration and attract people and circumstances that exist on the same wavelength. So when you live by your heart, your love life will completely transform. When you have more love for your life and the small moments, love will feel effortless because it will be your default setting. If you are single, you’ll attract more potential partners into your life through the frequency you emit. People will notice your energy and want to be around you. If you are in a relationship, you can reawaken the connection you have with your partner. The downfall of living too much in your head means that you tend to focus more on what is lacking in your life and partner. But when you can follow and honor your heart, you can more easily process your emotions and return to that loving spark that brought you together. When you focus on love, life shows you more love.

3. Life will feel slower and sweeter.

When we spend all our time on our daily tasks and work duties, life speeds by us. When we are staring at our phones when walking down the street, we miss the beauty of nature happening all around us. I’ve read endless accounts of retired people saying that 30 years passed by them in a blink of an eye because they were so consumed with their work. Parents miss their kid’s games or music concerts because a work meeting was more important. The worst part of our work culture is that people often feel guilty taking time off in fear of what their boss will say. But before you know it, 10 years have flashed by and you can’t remember the last vacation you took. Give your mind and body the break it deserves. Go out and explore new places and have new experiences. Life will slow way down and those small moments will feel sweeter.

4. Less physical and mental pain.

When you are connected to your body, you will have less physical and mental pain. So much of the self-help industry focuses on rewiring your thoughts and changing your brain. These are all important tactics and ones that I use and teach. But without processing those tough emotions through the body, they will keep you stuck. That’s why regular movement is crucial to a happy and balanced life. The best part is there’s no one perfect way to move your body; it’s simply whatever feels best to you. You’ll also have less physical pain when you don’t have those heavy emotions stuck inside you. When you are connected to your body, you know when something is off and can take the rest you need. Be one of the brave ones and say no to hustle culture, you’re body and mind will thank you.

5. You’ll discover your purpose.

This is probably my favorite tip of all when it comes to living by your heart and soul. There are thousands of articles and courses out there on how to find your purpose. So many of us feel guilty because we think we haven’t found our thing and we’re wasting our precious time here on Earth. Well, I will let you in on a secret to the fastest way to find your purpose. It’s simple: live by your heart and do the things that feel good. Do more activities that make you feel alive and in the moment. Start using your physical body as a compass to what lights you up. Incorporate more moments that bring you joy and happiness. If your body is feeling tense or unsure about something or someone, start to investigate what’s causing that reaction. This is the way you start to design your dream life and find your passion.

6. You’ll inspire those around you.

The world desperately needs people who are heart-centered more than ever. In a world of never-ending bad news, endless advertising, and work pressures, we need people who can find that spark for life again. We need brave ones who can break free from modern pressures and be themselves. Now, of course you have bills to pay and responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a joyous life. When you have the courage to be yourself and follow your heart, you will inspire those around you to do the same. The thing is that we are all figuring out life as we go, and we all need a push to dream and live bigger. Take the first step and be the inspiration you are craving. Be yourself and follow your passions unashamedly and watch those around you transform in the process.

7. Connection to universal energy will strengthen.

One of my favorite articles I created was about connection to source. Humans are made up of the same energy that created the stars, oceans, trees, and everything you see around you. You are a magical being whether you know it or not. When you can get out of your head and drop into your soul, you can tap into this amazing power inside you.

8. Trust will feel easy and effortless.

One of the main things that has changed my outlook on life is adopting a sense of trust. Trust that life will work out, trust that good days come after the bad, trust that what’s meant for me will find me. I used to struggle with daily anxiety and I would constantly think of the worst-case scenarios. I slowly started to push myself outside of my comfort zone and realized there was nothing to fear. I learned that I could handle whatever came my way, emotions and all. I learned that I could have my back no matter what and that life would work out. When you live by your heart and follow your soul, trust will feel easy.

If you’re ready to tap into the magic of life and enjoy the time you have on this earth, get out of your head and into your heart.


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