March 27, 2023

Libra Full Moon: It’s Time to Redefine Our Relationships. {April 5/6}


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“Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed


Life is relationship.

Who and what we relate to encompasses our reality in this waking, breathing planetary life. We can’t live in isolation (as much as some of us may try to).

We are defined by our relationships, for better or for worse. We are defined first, though, by the relationship to self. Who am I when I am in my own energy and sphere of influence? Who am I when I am in others’ arena of energetic makeup?

These are the questions that define the Libra/Aries axis, of which we will be entering into for an upcoming full moon in Libra, landing on April 6 at 12:34 AM EST at 16 degrees of the cardinal air sign. This energy is a super charged prelude to the fast approaching nodal shift of the moon’s nodes, out of the heavy, deep, karmic ties that have been Scorpio (south node) and the inviting energies of Taurus (north node) encouraging us to get grounded, rooted, build those safe foundations within and start redefining the resources we need to be supported.

This full moon is a taste and sample of that nodal transit into the Aries (north node) and Libra (south node) axis, of which we will embark upon beginning July 17 and transiting until January 11, 2025. That’s a whole two-year cycle of energy. Which is why this moon is even more potent with future-leading potential to get us moving in the direction of self and relational evolution.

We have been in Aries season (thank goodness, because Pisces season for most of us was rough) for about two weeks now. Aries season is the fresh start we needed to get new energy in the mix and lighten the load after the deep, karmic releasing of Pisces season. We navigated so many deaths and deep surrenders, beyond the point of comfort. We were asked to let go of something, some idea, illusion of security, outdated relational model, or belief system, but perhaps, more tangible, and painfully so, a physical person, through transition out of our lives or removed off of the planet altogether.

Pisces season was deep and thorough with us—making sure we were purified down to the pulp of our spiritual existence of truer form, sent all the way back to the cosmic point of creation through the cosmic death portals. And ouch did it hurt at times. Confusion. Panic. Overwhelm. Grief. We moved through it though—into Aries season, a fresh new zodiac cycle to usher in newness and change we didn’t fully feel in our ego’s grasping and aversion patterns that we were ready for.

But, Aries season says, “Move now, think later.” Act, act, and take action some more. Stop delaying the inevitable changes we know we need to make, says Aries—because life is rather wise and sometimes it begins to make those choices for us. A closed door. And then another. A big fat no from the universe saying, “This is not for you.” Time to move forward. Onward and upward, the Aries Ram’s energy says. And so we go. Maybe painstakingly and with some lingering sadness, fear, and resistance, but still, we go.

Aries energy is of the self. The individual. The leader. The autonomous individual who doesn’t need anyone to govern their life or self for them. Aries is fire. Action. Initiation. The go get em’ attitude. And, I think we all could use this energy right about now, especially after Pisces season where it felt like we were sinking into the mud of our own darkness and oblivion most days. Perhaps, we were also tuning into the magic and mystery of Pisces, amidst the human turmoil, sensing and feeling the spiritual pulse of life, too.

Aries is ruled by Mars, so it’s good to be aware of getting too heated in our fire and making sure we have a pointed focus and direction for that fire and not burning others with it.

This Libra energy, ruling the moon, invites balance for that fire. Asks us to slow down. To get curious about our relational patterns. To bring our emotional landscape into view from the point of balance and harmony. To realize that it is only through imbalance that we know balance. Only through grief that we know true joy. Only through letting go that we know how to receive what’s for us. Only through pain that we know bliss. Only through other that we know self.

With the moon in Libra (other) and the sun in Aries (self), we are asked to begin to connect the dots between how our relationships mirror back parts of self still needing our own acceptance and integration. Relationships illuminate (whether through love or painful experience or loss of such) where we feel vital and whole and where we still feel lacking and wounded. We relate to all of life—to others, to ourselves, to our emotions, to our bodies, to our environment, to food, to nature, to our minds, and to thoughts.

Aries is the physical body, of which we are inhabiting for this short lifetime. Libra brings a softness with its Venus-ruled quality that perhaps we can bring deeper into the body. A sensual, sensory experience of the body. That is an experience perhaps most of us don’t get to truly taste most days. Because it requires slowing down enough to feel. To sense. To inhabit and embody.

Most of us have well practiced fight-or-flight mechanisms, so well practiced we believe that is the only way in which we can operate safely in this world. But, what if that wasn’t so? What if that was a deeply embedded pattern that with time and patience could be rewired? Redefined?

Because our relationship to our nervous system is perhaps the most underrated and undervalued relationship. Who and what we are forms and evolves off of that wiring. Our nervous system truly is the building block to life. To our stress and adaptation patterns. To our thought patterns. To our ability to emotionally self-regulate and handle huge life stressors. Our ability to relationally connect with others even if another’s nervous system is activated.

The nervous system is ancient. It is old. It is wise. And, it isn’t always correct, in the sense that a huge (and, yes valid) stressor such as moving homes doesn’t equate being chased by a tiger. Our nervous systems evolved for one purpose only: to ensure our survival. And, most of the time they do a damn good job at that. Responding to threat and danger in lighting speed. Evading a near collision on the highway. Recoiling from a hot stove. Our bodies are wise. And they are tools. Instruments to be learned and fine-tuned, if we so choose.

Trust me, I’m right there with you, with my own various flavors and shades of nervous system dis-regulation and trauma loops that tell me, “It is absolutely not safe to inhabit our body right now. And it is safer to stay in fight-or-flight than to inhabit this vessel.” But, where has that gotten most of us? Probably exhausted and excessively wired at the same time. Seeking out substance of choice to down-regulate (i.e. alcohol, food, and so on). And the rat race continues and goes on. Money. Lack of money. Losing jobs. Losing a house. Relational distress and uncertainty. Yikes, it’s a lot to navigate without that reptilian brain going completely haywire and hijacking us altogether.

This Libra full moon brings needed reminders to self-soothe in ways that harmonize us rather than further deplete and destabilize us. And if we so choose those things, may we always bring more compassion, never less, to the self re-learning how to feel and expand beyond that window of tolerance and come back to zero-point safety.

We have Saturn in Pisces now for the next three years of new and old Saturn returners, making their mark on this world and entering a great maturation period. But this transit affects us all. Saturn in Pisces will bring opportunities to give structure and form to our dreams. To reconnect to the spiritual dreams we hold dear. To give life to them. To restructure our relationship to spiritual ideology and perhaps create new more supportive and life-giving ones. A time to go deep. To reconnect to compassion. To our sensitivities. To the felt experience of life. To know and understand our energetic limits and boundaries. To know what structures (jobs, homes, careers, relationships) support those uniquely energetic blueprints we each came with—and to shift those that do not.

This transit will be asking us to make our dreams real. Even the dreams once lost and forgotten about. A time when we may see our own escapism patterns from a different vantage point and to realize how to shift and restructure how we care for the sensitive feeling self without needing to evacuate and run away. A time to remember our intuition is our superpower, even if we forgot how to use it. We can use it now to build the life we are truly desiring to create.

Pluto, the planet of death, transformation, and rebirth entered Aquarius on March 23 and will stay there for 15 years. It has completed its time in Capricorn, of which we are now integrating those lessons. The last 15 years brought a deep shift and change to the structures that support us and broke down those that don’t. It was a transmutational energy of the material and structural matter of our lives. A breaking down of what no longer sustains us moving forward. A transformative cycle and shift around the authority figures in our lives. Redefining what self-authority truly means to us. A serious time of grounded and steady foundation crumbling, so as to rebuild a sturdier foundation.

Pluto in Aquarius will be a huge shifting of the tides in energies related to the collective fabric of humanity. It is bound to be a hugely revolutionary time. A time of great progress. Even if through collapse at first. Energies related to technology and artificial intelligence will be going through a great shift and change, or perhaps will become more the norm of life as we know it now.

This transit will shake the collective but from the standpoint of freedom-seeking. To help us all be more free and create global, systemic change on a deep level. Really, a time we are all ready for, even if the crumbling can feel uncertain and scary. The changes are for the highest good of humanity and the collective progression of the planet. In fact, it could be viewed by many as an exciting and liberating time, if we so choose to see through the lens of what could be and not into fear of the unknown and what is leaving. It can be a time of potent breakdown and collapse, so new fodder can be made from the ashes of what’s leaving the planet now, and a time for new sustainable growth, which can carry us toward more visionary, humanitarian energies better serving of the collective.

This full moon, coupled with these energies, is a time to redefine our relationships. To begin the work of relational healing by always bringing the attention back to self and how we are relating to ourselves. And to heal and tend to the wounded self still in need of our care. Chiron (the wounded healer) being in Aries still, we absolutely are being asked to come back to these wounds over and over again, and find further integration.

The sun will be conjunct Chiron in Aries, showing us where we have healed and evolved deeper into a more true, solid, and confident sense of ourselves. It could also bring some triggers to the surface around what we’ve already been healing, but with the sun in Libra, we are given a vantage point from another perspective. A deeper invitation, though, to accept the self more.

The sun will also be conjunct Jupiter in Aries, which can bring an expansive quality to our intentions and initiative steps moving forward. We can see the bigger picture of where we want to be. The self we are becoming. The self we want to become. To expand beyond the confines of our smaller self and see the higher self’s vision of possibility. Can we believe that life can expand and grow for the benefit of self, and not in threat to it? Perhaps, only in threat to the smaller self, afraid of growth. A time to take leadership of our lives and choose expansion, even in the face of fear and what we fear could go horribly wrong. Tending to those parts of self always with more love, not less.

The moon will be opposite Jupiter, so we may feel a bit of a strain between our emotional selves and our higher self guiding us to expand and grow. Our emotions could feel amplified and exaggerated as well, so be sure to tend to yourself with lots of grace and kindness. Our emotions are like little children, in need of our safe keeping. Give them room to breathe, and yet watch out for them expanding beyond our capacity to contain them and safely guide them home back to love’s eternal presence. Expansion can be positively or negatively felt with this aspect. Joy can feel greatly expansive, as too, so can the grief. Honor both. And all the in between.

Mercury, now in Taurus, will be square to Pluto. Our minds are seeking that grounded sense of security, but Pluto brings the changes we know we need to make. And it begins and ends in the mind. So start there. Tend to the mind with compassion and know that our beliefs can shift at any time—as we unwind the patterns and stories held in the mental and emotional bodies. Be aware of the tension points between seeking stability and seeking the change. Find the sacred pause and balance between.

With eclipse season just around the corner beginning on April 19, with the Aries new moon/solar eclipse, we are being asked to fully claim what it is we want, even if it has yet to be seen in the physical realms. The Aries “I” guides us into the heart of self desire and pure creation energy. Aries energy will help carry us toward these dreams and desires if we have the courage to fully claim them.

Use the energy of the Libra full moon to balance you, inside and out. Self to self. Self to other. But, always, self within self. Self first, other second. Relate to all beings and energies with conscious intention and awareness. Bring more of your wholeness there. Allow your fullness to occupy spaces you were afraid to inhabit. We can only begin to find balance in the self by knowing the points of imbalance, by knowing the self, and by understanding our own relational patterns and choosing to evolve in and out of the dysfunctional ones we learned along the way.

Allow this full moon to bathe you in permission to find softness within the self. Within the realms of our bodies and beings. To restore balance in small, simple ways. A bath. A walk. A cry. A deep breath. All regulatory means at our disposal. Let others show you where the ache still lies. Where the joy lies ready to express itself through you. Where hope remains. Where possibility and potential lie untapped. Where self awaits your own permission to launch and begin anew.

Let yourself begin anew. Let this season of growth expand your heart as much as your mind.

Let this season illuminate your fullness as much as your sensitivities. Let wholeness and balance awaken you to more of you. Balanced. Redefined. To you first, second to other.

Let yourself unfurl back into sacred company of self and other as sacred mirror. Allow truth to guide you home each time you forget. Balance in all. Life seeking balance. You. Coming. Back. Into. Balance. And. Blossoming. From. There. So. Let. Yourself. Blossom.


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