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March 10, 2023

Silent Storms of Life and How We Learn To Ride

Photo by Emiliano Arano on Pexels.

As I write I contemplate life and breathe deeply. As I exhale that long deep breath  I say out loud ”  good god this has been the longest stretch of writing silence”.  I  silently blame life’s storms. The silent storms arise in life and come to clear or calm and leave us in their wake. These storms may catch us of guard or creep in slowly until they rage full force.

While writing I reflect that it has been two months and a week since my radical change aka leaving a job I felt secure and  proud of to take a deep dive into the unknown. It is here that I find myself learning to tred in the deep end  and here I learn to ride through my own discomfort. Why the change you ask? Feeling unsafe and unsupported in my work  the undercurrent of past trauma and unresolved pain began to bubble up slowly. The bubbling made me take a deep breathe and I waited for the storm.  I knew that I needed change and even though this scared me I took the plunge. My life has taught me to ride the storms.  I have been slowly doing the work learning to surrender. I have have learned to ride the storm and metaphorically I have become both the wave and the storm.

This is life after all and the silent storms are often gifts of enrichment and growth. Learning to surrender has been my greatest life accomplishment as well as this gift of reflective recovery through writing. The storms of life often urge us and beacon us to change and the fall is part of the growth process even if we scorn the experience at the time. Perspective is a fine lens on the world and how we view life. Perspective is everything.

We learn to ride life’s storms when we become the waves and the storm. We feels it all for we are meant to feel in this life. The ocean is inside of us and we have the power to move and change. The individual life is therefore part of a much larger collective consciousness. We are all part and whole, light and dark and filled with everything that we need to succeed. The silent storms are here darling ones and we all must learn to ride.

If this resonates with you and you are struggling with life’s storms know that nothing stays the save and life the waves discomfort pain and struggles ebb and flow as does other positive emotional states.

We learn to ride by embracing our weakness and leaning in with lightheartedness. Dear ones don’t be afraid of the storms. Meditate and awaken to the bliss that is you. Today as you read this delight in your aliveness and the mystery of this life. Hold yourself close and know that you are love. You have always had this love near dear one. You are the ocean. Look up an entire cosmos smiles on you.



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Read 2 comments and reply

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