March 16, 2023

They chanted “OVERRATED” at a female basketball player. This is what happened next.

“There was an attempt by a bunch of bros to rattle a female basketball player.”

When the pressure is on, when everyone’s staring at us and judging us or even actively wishing us to fail…we react in one of two ways: depression, drama, distraction…or, perhaps, further focus. Sports is Spiritual.

This is, to be fair, standard behavior for any fan group. This comment nails the dynamic, as well as her response: “To be honest that’s what a proper sportsperson does. Shut down the haters, must be so satisfying.

To be fair nobody hates an average player, if you are getting hate you are doing something right.”

by a bunch of bros to rattle a female basketball player
by u/flaskman in therewasanattempt

“The living embodiment of “I let my haters be my motivators.” Good for her!”


For more: Sports is Spiritual.

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Read 4 comments and reply

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