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March 25, 2023

We Are The Writers of Our Own Stories

Photo by Peter Olexa on Pexels.

Writing has become a daily practice one in which the words come to soothe and restore. I don’t recall when imagination became my coping or survival I do believe it started as a young child as a mechanism to get through life’s storms and pain. A mystical world has always been at my beck and call and sort of like turning a key or a page and walking into a new world one which I am the writer and creator of my story. We all are really creators of our own story however, there are many falls and storms that get co- written in.

Today basking in sunlight and fire I write this to you with the intent of changing perspectives. We  humans can think of the downturns as ways in which life is getting at us and negative thoughts creep in. We humans like to focus on what we call a ” negativity biases” and this keeps us focused on ” the fall”. This is primal and hardwired. We can break free from our negative mindsets and free our minds by freeing our creativity and stepping through to the other side of fear. This requires that we tame the dragons and have tea parties with the monsters in our heads. We can meditate and focus on the pleasant life experiences. The fall offers us contrast to the bliss and the highs of life. We need the falls to grow. The falls represent periods in which we may feel defeated and low. We might be going through transition or loss. If we push against negative experiences and feelings we resist. Accepting what comes and working through the pain is a process which allows healing.

Today in the midst of my own suffering and those around me I prepare a tea party and write. I ask fear to join and regret. I call on ambivalence and anger and I sit with these emotions. I offer space and time to sit with aspects of my recent ” fall” and I make peace with regret and shame. I understand ambivalence’s part in holding back. I let anger rise and roar and then fall back like the flames of fire in my fireplace. I hold grace tenderly along with my cat and write on. I am the writer of this story my story and you are too! Write on dear friends, Write On.

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