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March 11, 2023

YoniLingam, The Limitless Experience

Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels.

I recently developed 2 new experiences, one is a Yoni Massage the other a Lingam.

They’re both slow, very slow.

And soft.

They’re a blend of meditation and touch.

They’re healing and pleasurable, energy and expansion.

I’ve been doing, teaching and developing Yoni and Lingam experiences for over 25 years.

When we talk about YoniLingam Massage it’s important to understand that we’re not talking about just one experience.

There are many.

Some about healing, some about pleasure, some about sexual energy, some about spiritual experience…

Sometimes, often, there’s more than one of these elements present.

Sometimes they’re about fire and high energy, sometimes deep, slow, gentle.

These experiences, YoniLingam Massage are entry points in to so many states and possibilities.

Our bodies are entry points into so many states and experiences.

Sensation, feeling, energy, are entry points.

First there’s the body itself.

In the YoniLingam context we’re seeking pleasure, and we’re seeking release from hurt, from blockage, from all that keeps us from pleasure.

We heal the contractive, the painful, the limiting, inhibiting experiences of our past.

Those that were done to us, and those that we took on.

We’re softening tissue that’s become numb, tender and painful, to aliveness, sensitivity and awareness.

We’re opening space from tension to receiving and welcoming.

We’re coming, through the touch of YoniLingam, into being present in the body. We’re drawing our awareness down into the base of the body.

We’re drawing our awareness down into the source of creation.

We’re drawing our awareness down into the water, the liquid fluid of being.

Then there’s the pleasure, so many different expressions and experiences of pleasure.

Orgasm, orgasmic.

Sensation that takes us deeper and higher.

Sensation that becomes energy, that flows from our YoniLingam to fill the entire body, fingers that tingle, toes that vibrate, spines that pulsate, hearts that throb.

Pleasure energy that becomes an expanded consciousness, a deep meditation, a oneness, a dissolving of the body, an explosion, a melting.

Subtle, sublime.

Then there’s the Heart, and our YoniLingam is a direct channel to the Heart, as the Heart is a channel to YoniLingam.

As one opens, there’s a whisper within us, a whisper to the other. The whisper travels through the body on our breath, in our energy, travels upwards, downwards.

A whisper of connection, a whisper of desire, a longing for love to know pleasure, for pleasure to know love.

We go deeper, YoniLingam to the Throat.

The voice of our pleasure, the voice of our desire.

The throat is a way in to the body, an opening that drops us down, through the heart, through the belly, to YoniLingam.

An opening to arousal, surprising to discover.

In this opening, this softening, the subtle touch goes deep, vibrates the chords of sensation, of feeling, of energy.

The touch here is felt there, everywhere.

A stroke down the midline of the Lingam is a stroke down the centre of the heart.

The caress of your cervix is the caress of your heart.

The vibration in your Yoni is the vibration that tingles your lips, your fingertips.

It’s the vibration that’s in the pleasure that heals.

It’s the vibration that’s in the pleasure that opens the body to release what’s held there.

It’s the vibration that’s in the pleasure that softens the tension, the contraction.

And it’s the vibration that’s in the pleasure that vibrates with all of sacred life.

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