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April 6, 2023

One day at a time

I find myself thinking of a day by day survival mantra alot lately. I’ve been drawn to series and books on the topics of mental wellness and positive reinforcement of thoughts alot.

I keep thinking of how beautifully this series was made in Netflix – The maid. I have written about it and the deep impact it had on my understanding key aspects covered there.

But the opening two episodes of the series is something that comes back to me each time, how the protagonist started a gruelling day and it ultimately ended with her on the ferry floor with her daughter, she is smiling and trying hard to give a normal goodnight routine to her daughter despite being all uprooted. Especially after the immensely harrowing time she spent dealing with few realities of life.

I understand this scene more than ever now, although i haven’t rewatched the series since it first came out in 2021, I do hold close the lessons I picked up.

I actually after years of practice and failure have started to take the day as it comes , I have this reminder that I give myself on days that are tough-

It’s just a day, it will pass

I know this moment it feels like there is no escape from the struggles

But you don’t have to figure it out this instant

It’s just a day it will end

Hold on

It’s just a day

It’s just a day

I started saying this to myself because definitely life has been good but equally tough as well. Although I would like to focus on the good days more, the logic I use is there are definitely monsters and storms around but there are also miracles and sunshine around.

I have started to acknowledge my ability more on days that show me unkindness.

I have stopped questioning my life on such days because I don’t question life on good days so why this partiality?

I have started to believe that life is a rollercoaster and although to reach the high we have to face the drop off but we bear with it right?

I have started to see lull days in my life as a drop off and resting place before I see the highs again.

And I am positive that a day which is overbearing will ultimately end and there will be a day to feel the good things once again.

I just have to positively wait like the protagonist in the maid.

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