April 26, 2023

Scorpio Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse: Closing a Karmic Cycle. {May 5}

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We have been trudging through the dense undercurrent of the shadow, the unconscious, the inner workings of the psyche for a while now.

We have been sinking deep, deep, and deeper into the self, releasing karmic patterns, cycles, and pains that have kept us tied up in bondage.

We have seen the underbelly of our outdated toxic cycles, toxic relationships, and addictions to pain and suffering. We have been knee-deep in energies of clearing, healing, and transmutation for a few years now.

This has been the south node in Scorpio. The karmic ties to the past. The energy we are evolving out of, by first sinking and submerging into the depths of the emotional ick. It hasn’t been pretty. Let alone comfortable. It’s been messy and chaotic feeling. We have been working tirelessly to leave behind the energies of the past by first alchemizing them into the gold we need to build our future selves upon, sturdier and more secure in our truth.

This transit is coming to a close in July, but first we have the second of the eclipses, landing on May 5, a lunar eclipse and full moon in the sign of karmic and deep Scorpio at 1:34 p.m. EST. At 14 degrees of the water sign, this eclipse will be a near-chapter closing of the Scorpio energies we’ve been swimming in. Another emotional purge to free our energy up to create the life we are already energetically calling in and moving toward, even if our human, 3D reality is still catching up.

We had our first eclipse of the year on April 19/20 in the fiery sign of Aries, a new moon and solar eclipse to get our fire and passion going in the direction of our dreams. The energy was expansive and charged with a square to Pluto, reminding us of the death that comes before the dawn, of the disempowering spaces and places we’ve given our power to that made us believe we aren’t powerful, worthy, or valuable enough to receive this new life vision.

This eclipse was ruled by Mars, a planetary energy of fire, motivation, charge, and masculine forward-moving kickstart momentum to get the ball rolling in the direction we want to go. Of course, there could have been frustrations, irritations, triggers, and old wounds coming up too around this time.

Eclipse season doesn’t play around. And, it’s also something we don’t need to fear. This second eclipse in Scorpio will be a little deeper and emotional feeling perhaps with that Scorpio depth of feeling and sensing. We may feel some old wounds coming up around our truth and living in our truth. A divine invitation to go deeper into our truth, and a soul ask for more processing time around the emotional experience of owning that truth more fully.

This full moon will be aiding us in clearing out the residual emotional debris we have been working with these last two years. To see clearly where and to whom we are still giving our power away to and how to call that energy back. To boldly ask the question of self-inquiry:

“What would it mean to fully be in my truth and power?”

Throughout our lives, we have been taught to fear our own power, so we’ve placed it into the hands of others, authority figures, the government, school systems, religious dogmas bent on disempowerment, addictions ,and otherwise. In a world that never taught us that being in our power was safe, it makes sense. But what if the safest place in the world for you to be now and belong to was rooted deeply in your power? How would you act and behave from that space of safety?

Scorpio energy is the phoenix rising energy we are needing, but it does so first by its descent into the shadows, into the unconscious realms, to illuminate emotional truths once too scary to fully own. Piece by piece, we can begin to integrate them now. Scorpio is water energy, the energy of our emotional world, the unconscious, the unseen, the magic, the mystery, the shadow (only fearful if we stay a stranger to it), the alchemy of shadow into light, of death/rebirth, transformation and transmutation. Of secrets, intimacy, sex, power, and money. All energies will be ripe at this time.

This full moon will be opposing the sun in Taurus, the grounding, stable energy we need to keep our feet rooted while we dive deep. Taurus energy is solid. It knows its value and worth. It knows how best to utilize its energy and resources to build the life it needs and wants. Taurus energy is with us for this full moon, as well as ruling the energies of Mercury retrograde. Mercury will be retrograde April 21 through May 14 in the earth sign of Taurus.

This retrograde will be infused with slower moving energy to come back to the earth of us, the simple pleasures of life, clearing out the excess, reflecting on who and what we value now. To reassess if that thing we are going after and want still aligns with our energy and value system. To dive deeper into our own self-value and self-worth for the life we want to create. To reexamine our relationship to money, finances, and abundance. To know in the truth of us that our self-value reflects that always.

What energy are we putting out into the world? And are we receiving the needed reciprocity for that? It will be a reflection on how we are using our energy and resources each day and if we need to adjust and tweak anything to better serve us. As always, retrogrades (along with all planetary energies) are here to help our self-evolution and progression. There may be hiccups, of course, in communication and travel plans, but awareness and patience is always key during any retrograde. To trust the process and the time to pause and review.

The Scorpio full moon/lunar eclipse will be the final Scorpio eclipse we have for the next eight years, so it’s highlighting the end of a much bigger cycle of energies. To know that it is safe and right on time for us to let go and release the weight and burden that’s been pressing down upon our shoulders, for lifetimes perhaps. The energy is karmic, a karmic closing of chapters, relationships, life phases, and lessons. So, the biggest theme and advice is to let go, and let go some more. Trust, and trust some more that what you’re clearing out is making space for something so much more soul-aligned and nourishing of your truth. Trust that. Trust you.

Themes around self-trust will be emerging around this full moon. Can you trust yourself and your felt truth even just 10 percent more?

We are ready to be set free. To free ourselves. To choose the changes that our souls have been urging us to make. And meeting all the fears, grief and panic along the way as parts of self in need of more loving awareness and care.

Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars and Pluto. Another Martian energy moon to get us moving forward by first the spiral and rubber band pulling backward. That is how eclipse energy usually is. A pulling back into old triggers, shadows, and fears, so we can be launched forward into a greater expanded sense of growth and truth-aligned vision for our life. Pluto is here to make sure we don’t just ignorantly skate along the surface of life but dive deep into the realms of the self and fears where we fear to enter. Because it is by entering the space of our fears and facing them that we emerge on the other side full of our own power and truth—because we have reclaimed our power from fear. Fear is the portal back to our power and truth. Pluto is the truth frequency we need to do just that.

The full moon will be opposite Mercury and Uranus (both in Taurus), a deep emotional invitation to break free from a mental pattern perhaps of restriction, lack, and limitation bent on fear. To break free and out of a comfort zone that’s stifling our emotional fulfillment. We could feel a lot of anxiety and discomfort around this energy, though, so tread lightly on your heart and fears. The sun in Taurus will be conjunct Uranus in Taurus, a nudge from the universe to expand beyond the limited self, even if that causes great fear and discomfort at first. To keep trusting the infinite unlimited and expanded sense of self to hold us through these changes.

The energy of the eclipses will be assimilating into our beings for the next six months. So we have time to integrate the changes and shifts, especially if they are life-altering. We have the time we need to get all of our energy fully on board for the new life calling to us. Even if fear remains. Even it’s still just a flutter or whisper in the heart that there is more for us to experience in this lifetime. Keep following and turning toward that soul-knowing truth.

Pluto is now in Aquarius, a collective shake-up to wake up humanity to truths about science and technology. Pluto demands truth. And that’s what we’ll get these next 20 years. Truth about anything withheld from the public’s knowledge will be brought to light. Pluto will station retrograde on May 1, just four days prior to the full moon. It will be in retrograde motion until October 23, working alongside the eclipse energy for even deeper release and transformation. Reflections on transformation of the past, what has fallen away, and what still remains in the shadows for us to see, unwind, and unravel. To further know and understand our fears but not from a judgmental stance of condemnation, but rather seeing these fears as a part of our wholeness and allowing them space to be, while also not letting them be fully in the driver’s seat. And, if they get in the driver’s seat, kindly and compassionately bring your inner authority back to take the wheel, for knowing and understanding why fear has driven you for so long, and why being afraid has kept you in a false sense of safety and limitation.

Allow this full moon to close out a karmic cycle you’ve been swimming in and submerged in over the last two years. Allow the depth of your being to hold you and your emerging truth in allowance and permission to be. Let the energy of the eclipses shift you on to the right aligned path for you and your soul’s evolution now. To step forward and embark upon the path of your soul even in the face of great fear and uncertainty.

Let this season remind you that change happens fast and slow, all at once. That you are spiraling in and out of densities only as fast as you can assimilate the changes. Give yourself time and space to be with what is shifting. Tend to your inner world with so much care and kindness always. Clear away the judgement, criticism, and belittling dialogue in your head of how you “should” be or “should” behave. Of course, we need to take radical responsibility for our choices and behavior always, but compassion alongside accountability is a must.

Let the energy of this Scorpio eclipse sink deeper into the depths of your being. Let your truth be held in the Great Mystery of All That Is, you the birthing vessel for it to come through, as only you can do. For the dreams and desire held within your heart to be birthed through you as only you can do. The portal to life’s greatest awakening. The magic and truth you are. Alchemical magic housed within the fabric of your beating, pulsating heart. Let the magic you feel and sense there guide you home. To a home within the self so trustworthy and worthy of being touched and lived by you.

Let magic find you even in the darkness. And in the light. And especially in the blooming of your own becoming.

Let. Yourself. Bloom.

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