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April 11, 2023

Waylon with Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand on Gun Reform.


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See/listen to Waylon’s conversation with Sam Schacher and Here4theKids, here.

Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis presents:

In our latest, greatest Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis, Waylon talks with Shannon Watts, the founder of Moms Demand Action—the largest grassroots movement in the United States—on commonsense gun reform and what you can and must do about it:

text READY to 644-33 to join a Moms Demand Action chapter in your town.

“When there are these national shooting tragedies, people do want to get involved…often they want to get in quick, do something, and get out.

But that is not how activism works in this country.

I call it the unglamorous heavy lifting of grassroots activism. It requires you to show up over and over again.” ~ Shannon Watts

Learn more about Moms Demand Action and their mission, here.

“We don’t win this until every lawmaker believes there will be consequences for not supporting the mainstream point of view, which is that you can have high rates of gun ownership and low rates of gun violence.” ~ Shannon Watts

Shannon: “We are going to get there. I guarantee you, we are going to get there. But we all need to use our voice and vote on this issue.”

Waylon: “That’s the kind of hope sauce that I can go for.”

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Or, listen to the podcast: 

“Just last summer, we passed the first federal gun safety legislation in a generation. 26 years. And we had 15 Republicans sign on. So, we are making progress. That’s a seismic shift in American politics.” ~ Shannon Watts

Shannon is on Instagram; follow her here and Moms Demand Action, here

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