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April 27, 2023

What I Discovered about Peace.

Do you want peace in your life?

You were born at peace. You did not worry about tomorrow, the next day, or the day after. You did not lie in bed ruminating about what you should or could of done. You never worried about what you looked like, how you were dressed, or even how you smelled. You did not care what people said about you or how they said it. You had no judgments about yourself or other people. You were at peace as long as you had food, water, and air. And you did not worry about where they would come from.

When you were a baby, you were at peace. As you have gotten on with your life, you have given up peace for anxiety, tension, and stress.

The natural state of the human being is peace.

Do you want peace? Then stop looking for peace outside of yourself!

God designed you with peace built into your soul and body.

Do you really want peace? Then start looking at what you want peace from; what has replaced peace? What are you experiencing instead of peace? What is blocking your ability to live in peace?

Most peace programs do not work because they are looking for peace instead of looking for what has replaced their peace.

Peace is the natural state of our being. If you are not experiencing peace, what have you replaced peace with?

  • Anger
  • Anger at yourself and others for not meeting your expectations. Everyone should do what I think they should do; then I could be at peace.
  • There are only three things we fight about 1) the need to feel significant or important. 2) the fear of abandonment. 3) feeling powerless, the need for control. Other people should meet these three needs so I can be at peace.
  • Anger is not a problem. No one has ever gone to jail for being angry! How you express your anger is what brings the cops to your door.
  • Anxiety
  • Two sources of anxiety: 1) living in the future. 2) physical substances, such as too much caffeine and certain drugs. 3) The past is gone; you can do nothing about the past except learn from it and figure out how you will do it differently next time. The future is yet to come; you can change the future no more than you can change the past. To live in the past or the future is to live in anxiety and stress.
  • Fear
  • Two types of fear 1. The fear of things that could threaten your life and 2. Fear of the unknown, including irrational beliefs, such as monsters under the bed. If I leave the house, something terrible is going to happen. If I go camping in the woods, a bear will attack me. I cannot fly in airplanes because they crash.
  • Guilt
  • Two types of guilt, 1. False guilt, based on false beliefs (sex is dirty, save it for the one you love). Not living up to other people’s expectations.   When you have not lived up to your own values and beliefs.
  • Whenever you feel guilty, you will set yourself up to be punished. Depression is the punishment of choice for many people.
  • Shame
  • Something is wrong with me. “I am better than this.”

What would you feel if you were no longer experiencing anger, anxiety, fear, guilt, and shame? Peace!

If you are to find peace, you must first deal with the feelings you have replaced peace with.

Once you have found peace in yourself, it is time to come together with other peaceful souls for a peace movement that works.


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