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April 14, 2023

Why you should stop trying to rationalise your healing process

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Feeling and being present with any emotions that are bubbling to the surface for release is crucial to ones healing process.

Our trauma, our repressed emotions and our wounding is stored somatically in our bodies and in order to fully heal, there needs to be a catharsis that takes place.

However, anybody who has done any sort of healing work will understand that sometimes the emotional upheaval that occurs throughout this process is less than comfortable.

This means many of us end up delaying or avoiding this step in the healing process simply because we are not equipped to face the depth and intensity of many of the emotions that want to be expressed.

The deeper the depths, the higher the heights.

From personal experience, going into the depths of our darkness and pain is often a springboard for new heights of bliss, ecstasy and connection.

The deeper the wounds are, the heavier the emotion, meaning the more we come out the other side with a heightened capacity for love, joy, and abundance.

It’s tempting to want to rationalise or try to understand why we feel certain emotions during the healing process.

We often want to know what the root cause of these emotions are, where the wounds come from, what trauma we’re healing from or what’s on the other side of the release.

Because often it makes the emotional phases easier to deal with if we know why it is we feel what we feel. This means the temptation is there in trying to answer to the question “why am I feeling like this”. “Why am I feeling this intense heartbreak, this sadness, this grief, loss, betrayal, or disappointment?”

Or perhaps you may ask yourself “where in this life have I experienced this wound before?”. “Where does this have resonance in my experience?”. “What am I actually clearing right now?”

We believe that if we were to know, it would be easier to give ourselves permission to go there – fully. But the reality is, so much of our wounding is on the level of soul, and what our soul is feeling doesn’t necessarily make logical or rational sense.

We cannot try to understand or rationalise the feelings that want to be expressed. They often run deeper than what our human minds are capable of understanding. They are levels beyond what our conscious mind can comprehend or access.

Here’s what you must know about emotional healing

As a healer and an empath whose role is to deeply feel and understand others, I have come to understand a few things about emotions and healing:

Firstly, that the genesis or root of the emotion is not often important.

We musn’t get caught up trying to ‘understand’ because trying to do so actually blocks the emotions from releasing.

It doesn’t matter if it’s “mine”, “yours”, “this life” or “past life”.

The fact is, the emotion is present. The emotion has some sort of resonance in your soul and simply, it just needs to be expressed. You are feeling it for a reason, whether it’s yours or not. It’s a dense frequency which is taking up emotional bandwidth in your field and it desperately needs to be transmuted in order to free up space for higher frequencies.

Secondly, know that emotions don’t have to make logical or rational sense in order to be real or true for you.

I have felt emotions that go far beyond anything I have actually experienced in my human life.

Trauma, pain, as well as loss that does not actually equate to anything I’ve been through in my short time on this earth. I’ve felt intense soul connections with people having barely known them, a recognition and an unshakable feeling of love or empathy that does not make sense given the fact that I’ve only just met them.

Does that mean that because (rationally), these emotions don’t make sense, that they are untrue or invalid?

Not at all.

What you are feeling simply is.

Whether it makes sense or not, it’s something you’re feeling and therefore it must be honoured. There’s no language or framework to adequately express the soul. It’s a language of feeling and it simply needs to be felt.

And lastly, don’t block yourself from the beautiful catharsis that is possible from fully feeling the depths of your emotions.

Free yourself from judgement, from rationalising and overthinking it, and soon enough the emotion will pass.

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