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May 17, 2023

10 Signs You – Yes, You! – Are a Healer

Photo by Arina Krasnikova on Pexels.

While I strongly believe that inside every single one of us is a sage, a healer, a spiritual master – there are some of us who have incarnated here with the very specific purpose of devoting their life to using these healing gifts to support others.

These souls are often referred to as ‘light-workers’, or ‘starseeds’ – wise, old souls who have come from other places to impart their wisdom, knowledge and frequency here on Earth to uplift the vibration of humanity and assist in the mass awakening process that is unfolding.

If you’re anything like I was when I started the healing journey, you might have a knowing deep down that this is what you’re here for...

But stepping into it scares the living sh*t out of you, and you’re seriously avoiding the call because the same deep part of you knows what walking this path truly entails.

Perhaps you’ve had an inkling… or a hint… or a knowing that this path is for you, but you feel that you’re not ready, that you don’t know enough, that you’re not experienced enough, you don’t know the steps to take…

Perhaps you keep hearing the message, and are stuffing your fingers in your ears and humming loudly so you don’t have to follow it because it’s so scary and unknown…

Or perhaps you find yourself reading this for no apparent reason at all other than your curiosity – also known as your intuition – has brought you here (welcome, my friend).

Whatever the case – if you’ve experienced one (or all) of these 10 signs, it’s very likely that you’ve been called to the path of a healer, medicine wo(man), shaman, energy worker, tantrica, priest(ess), psychic or whatever else terminology you vibe with…
And you’ve signed up to come here in this life and do this now!

So, if you’ve been asking the universe for a sign (or signs, upon signs, upon signs) as to whether or not this path is really for you…

Here are 10 glaringly obvious signs to look out for that you – yes you – are, indeed a healer.

1. You have a burning desire to help people and people always confide in you

You can’t describe it, but you feel a pull (and probably have for a long time) that you’re here to help people in some way. You might always find people coming to you for advice, confiding in or opening up to you. Something about you puts people at ease and makes them feel as though they can trust you. You are a deeply compassionate person and perhaps feel strongly about certain social, humanitarian or other causes.

2. Energy in your hands or physical reactions in your body

You can feel tingly sensations of energy, of electricity moving through your body, of warmth or cool in your hands.
You seem to be able to sense subtle shifts in energy within your physical body.

When someone says something that you feel is truth, your body has a visceral reaction with goosebumps, burping, shivers, yawning, or strong gut feelings.

Perhaps you have strange bodily sensations, weird physical pains that aren’t explainable by a medical cause that arise suddenly only to disappear mysteriously.

3. You keep hearing it

Everywhere you go you are hearing the words “healer”, “shaman”, “medicine woman”, “energy worker”, “psychic”.

In fact, other people (for instance other healers, psychics, shamans) may have told you this to your face on numerous occasions that you’re an intuitive AF healer and you’re like “Me? A healer? Nahhh’” (legit me for years leading up to stepping onto my path).

4. You’ve had to overcome a lot

Those who are here to support others through their healing process often have had to overcome and heal a LOT of their own stuff that they chose to experience in this lifetime (or past lifetimes) in order to prepare them, to strengthen them, and to have them embody traits like compassion, understanding, and empathy.

You may have had to overcome childhood trauma, life-threatening conditions, health issues, addictions, mental health issues, adversity, hardship, depression, anxiety, body issues etc to name a few.

Perhaps you’ve been through hell and back, without understanding why.
Some shamans are quite literally struck with lightening to prepare them for this path (pretty chuffed that I managed to get the message before sky daddy hit me with this one, just sayin’)

You’ve had to transform and transcend your conditions time and time again, and you’ve been through (or are going through) an intense personal transformation, purification and healing journey that has completely changed who you are and how you relate to life along the way.

5. You feel and empathise with others strongly

You feel the emotions of others deeply and as a result, you truly empathise with them. When someone is feeling down around you, you don’t just have sympathy for them but you can actually feel what they are feeling.

You can sense what someone is feeling, even when they don’t say anything.

[As an aside, please know that as a healer or empath it’s not your job to feel and take on everyone else’s stuff, or constantly feel like you have to ‘heal’ or ‘rescue’ others. This is a saviour/rescuer template, and it’s not serving anyone. There are many techniques you can learn to protect your energy and stop acting as a sponge for everyone else’s energetic baggage. You can learn to truly thrive as an empath, as I do, without having to remove yourself from society and go live in a cave, or avoid people at all costs because it’s all just too overwhelming.]

6. You are sensitive and highly intuitive

You can sense energies that are circulating in the collective . The slightest shift in the air and you can feel it (same goes for sensing energies of people around you).
You seem to have this intuitive knowing about things, pre-empting events that haven’t happened yet, knowing what people are going to say before they say it, getting strong urges or feelings about things that later prove to be true.
You can feel when something is off, and you know when something is ‘true’ because it just lands in your body.
You have an uncanny ability to read other people.

You seem to know random things – facts, knowledge, wisdom, information – that you don’t even know why you know, you just know.

7. You’re thirsty for spiritual content

Your social media feeds are filled with content on healing modalities, astrological forecasts, readings, and the spiritual awakening path.

Your bookshelf is full of healing, spirituality, self development, psychology and self help books.

You’re deeply intrigued and interested to learn everything there is to learn about mysticism, spirituality and the esoteric.

You’d prefer to watch documentaries on Gaia over binging a Netflix series on a Friday night.

8. Even though you know the path is for you, you have unexplainable fear around stepping into your gifts

You know you’re a healer deep down, but there’s this paralysing fear that you can’t explain which is preventing you from taking action around acknowledging, sharing or being seen in your gifts.

[This stems from not just fear of judgement from those close to you in this life, but also from lifetimes and lifetimes in which your soul has endured painful experiences and trauma from sharing your healing gifts. This is also known as the ‘witch wound’, and is the most common thing I support clients with, when they first come to me to activate their gifts.]

9. You’re obsessed with finding your life purpose and will not stop until you discover it

You’ve got this itch you just can’t scratch. Finding your life purpose is all you think about.

You’ve been praying, searching, and asking (for what feels like forever) to be shown what it is you are here for – like you know there was something you were meant to do, but you’ve somehow forgotten it.

You know you’re being called to do something important in this lifetime, but you just don’t know what it is yet.

10. You’ve felt an unexplainable urge to clear, purify and heal yourself

Something inside you told you it was time to address the baggage you’re carrying around, that there was more to life than what you were experiencing, and that something drastic had to change internally because you couldn’t keep living the way you were living…
And so you rolled your sleeves up and dove headfirst into your own healing journey.

You’ve already been on – or are currently in the process of – a personal healing and awakening journey which has been life shattering, heart-breaking, and expansive all at the same time.

Perhaps you’ve been in therapy for a while, you’ve been seeing healing practitioners, you’ve been called to sit with plant medicine, or you have been doing the deep inner reflection work.

Perhaps you’ve already started to see the amazing shifts and changes in your own life, and you are ready to start to share what you’ve learned and embodied… or perhaps you’re still in the thick of your own dark night of the soul.

In any case – you’re well and truly committed to doing the work in some way, shape or form… or at least considering it!

If you’ve resonated with any of these (or all of these), then there’s a very high chance you came here to share your beautiful gifts of sensitivity, of intuition, of compassion and resilience with the world.

The truth is, that world needs you, your light and your gifts right now, more than ever!

If you require support or even just that little push to get you moving out of resistance, do my advice would be to find a practitioner that can help you along the way.
There are many souls out there (such as myself) that have the primary mission or purpose of activating, supporting and encouraging other healers to step into their beautiful, sacred gifts.

Yes, it can seem like a scary and daunting path to walk… but you don’t have to do this alone – there’s many of us who have walked this path before you, that are here to help guide you along the way.

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