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May 25, 2023

4 P’s to Mastery – Advice from a Slacker

Advice from a slackliner – 4 P’s of slacklining that when applied ‘off the line,’ are great tools for success!
If you want to master anything, the keys are in the ‘P’s’ of #ElevatedSlacklining

?Anything worth doing requires our full attention. Be in the game, fully committed. Our breath is the primary tool to bring us into the present moment. Cultivate an intimate relationship with your unique breath and watch it expand your experience of reality. It is truly a gift!

?Whether we are forming a new habit or learning a new skill, we are bound to fall and fumble and make mistakes along the way. These are excellent teaching moments designed to challenge our growth and help us learn. Stick with the process and remember to breathe.
?It’s said that 10,000 hours leads to mastery. That’s A LOT of hours; a major journey to mastery- all accompanied by moments of highs and lows, feelings of gains and losses, wins and defeats. Being patient with our individual experience helps us to slow down, remain focused on the goal, and honor what’s arising in the Now present moment. Feeling frustrated? Remember to breathe.
❤️‍?In the words of musical artist Macklemore, “The greats weren’t great cause at birth they could paint. The greats were great because they paint a lot.” Practice, practice, practice. Repetition is the key to mastery. Keep trying, over and over again. And when we feel like giving up, try a little more. And continue breathing.
Love the journey and honor the breath. It yours, so make it fun!
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