May 3, 2023

Dear Freedom Seeker.

I wish I had words for the journey we are on.

I’m not one for small talk, but tell me your dreams, your desires, and what makes you come alive.

Sit with me in the middle of your breakdown, or a resurgence of old energy that attacks your nervous system unexpectedly, and I am there, right in the middle, knowing you are healing, releasing, and tending to the fire that desires to burn from the inside. May the light from within ignite your soul.

When you share your pains, I have a deeper level of appreciation for you and the vulnerability of being your own version of unique you. It makes me want to lean in, not out.

Tell me what you are most terrified of, and I will be there to hold space for the dreamer in you who wonders, what will happen if you leap?

Allow yourself to cycle through the energy that erupts out of you from the inside-out—for it is the burdens you carry, the stress you try to mitigate, and the familiarity of anxiety you claim is yours that attempts to derail you off your path. 

Do not be afraid to feel it. In feeling it, it dissipates; in hiding it, stuffing it, or pretending it isn’t there, you will carry it on your back for all to see.

Having pain does not make you weak; it makes you human. 

Having fears does not mean you were not destined for success; it means you have a bigger purpose, or a mission to share with the world, and you can’t quite see the finish line.

Having anxiety does not make you pathetic or destined for a life of dread; it means you have within you the capacity to feel energy. 

Society has been accustomed to labeling anything it cannot define. I believe anxiety (like many diagnoses) is just an energy (a language) that you haven’t yet learned (or been taught) how to translate.

You are a translator of your own spirit.

Sometimes, you get derailed so that you may be reacquainted with your truth.

You try to fit in, but it doesn’t work.

You try to appease others hoping they will find happiness, but over time, you begin to feel depleted, with no reserves left to tend to your own magic and miracles.

When you break down, feel depleted, or experience a rush of anxiety, it is the wisdom inside of you that is attempting to call you back home.

It calls you back into your physical body. It begs you to listen to that which is calling your heart, with arms wide open, to say yes!

Your journey may be long and it is not a straight path; it is carved and curved and bushwhacked. It is laden with obstacles, suffering, and courageous moments of overcoming. 

Those watching from the sidelines do not know how to support your success.

It’s not their fault. Most of us were not given the tools to support others’ success and abundance. We learned how. We grew from the losses of our mistakes. We hid in the crevices afraid to celebrate the little moments (or big moments) of victory because we did not want others to feel inadequate.

Our society has been entrained to gather together to support the pains, the losses, the battles, and the suffering, and to collaborate together and unite in that suffering.

But what if we were entrained to celebrate? What if we were entrained to come together in success, to celebrate others’ victories, knowing that every single one of us is capable of having a victorious moment over and over and over again?

What if we didn’t vilify the uber-wealthy or uber-successful? That was their path…celebrate them. We do not know what they have been through. They too might be silently suffering from something they didn’t feel was safe to voice.

So instead, it eats them alive.

Like all the brilliant, amazing, successful beings who we admired, honored, and adored, and yet empty inside, they left their physical bodies early. They took their own lives because somewhere the shame of their burden swallowed them whole.

What if it was time for an internal revolution?

Let’s support our stories of overcoming; the truth of what holds us back is rarely the story we tell ourselves and others of what we think holds us back. Let us let the story move as energy so that we no longer have to stay in the suffering, but evolve from it.

We are beckoned to not cling tightly to our stories of pain and suffering just as equally as we are encouraged not to cling tightly to our successes. We are invited to let both suffering and success go free so that more abundance can return again and again and again.

Abundance in all its forms carries freedom—the wings of an eagle as it catches the gusts of wind to carry it even further, feeling free, unchained, available to take flight. Willing to rest, but at last in the adventure of freedom, wings untethered, living from its truth, it rarely tires of the adventure it’s on.

So dear freedom seekers.

May this be your invitation to find those things that make your wings soar. This freedom you are seeking is first internal—a game of vulnerability, truth, and knowing yourself better than anyone else knows you.

Do not let fear be the reason you don’t try.

Fear is a catalyst for a new horizon—a new beginning—and a new destination you have never been to before.

Your path might be changing, so instead of staying in the hallows of suffering, you make it worse, not from the suffering itself, but from your interpretation of that suffering.

You are not wrong for your vulnerabilities. Your courage to share them gives others hope—a pathway for them to also break free.

Do not be afraid to share the truth inside of you that you may be afraid to unleash.

Give it space.

Lend it the permission to speak freely.

The truth of who you are frees others.

So dear freedom seekers, may this be your sign that it is your time to shine.

Go forth and be courageous in your adventure. Be bold in your truth. And be alive in your living.

You might be the one who inspires the world to connect instead of separate.

To engage.

To Rise.

To Become.


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