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May 4, 2023

May is the month for us lightworkers to take action!

We are now fully in eclipse season, which is a time of exponential growth. In this month’s blog, I will provide some valuable information to assist us in staying on track as we shift into an even higher state of consciousness. This eclipse gateway energy will last for the next six months and we have an opportunity to really create a new reality. We are now fully in the earthy Taurus energy and our collective nodes are still in Taurus and Scorpio. Because Taurus represents how we value ourselves and being self-sufficient, it is important for us to really focus on tangibly creating a world that is based on the ideals we hold. Because Scorpio south nodes represents letting go of power dynamics, I will be exploring that as well. However, let’s first do a quick wrap of last month and a brief look ahead at the energies that we will be experiencing this month and through October, which will provide us with some forward momentum in this ascension process. If you would like to listen to my May podcast, please follow this link.

Last month, on April 19th or 20th, depending on your location, we experienced a rare solar eclipse, which activated a significant alignment; Pluto in Aquarius squared the north and south nodes in Taurus and Scorpio. Since the beginning of 2022, we have been working with the Taurus north node, what we need to be focusing on, which rules the material world and how we value ourselves and the Scorpio south node, what we are releasing, which rules transformation and power dynamics. We will be continuing our focus with these themes until June, when our collective nodes change. Soon after the new moon, we transitioned into Taurus season and on the 21st, mercury went into retrograde in Taurus, which slowed things down and will be ending mid-month. You may have felt a little wobbly around the 20th, but as we exited April, the energy seemed to have steadied a bit. The energy currently still feels unusually calm. However, this may be the calm before the storm because we are still in the middle of this Pluto square and on May 5th, we will experience the penumbral lunar eclipse in Scorpio, which will likely be powerful. Full moon eclipses are all about endings and this one is in Scorpio, which is huge. Pluto, the planet of transformation, always has a huge impact on the collective. Pluto went into the sign of Aquarius at the end of March, which will be transforming the Aquarian aspects of our lives in hopes of rebuilding a better world. Aquarius is a rebellious sign that rules humanity, doing what’s best of the collective and is very progressive. In 20 years, our world will look significantly different as we take that giant leap into the Age of Aquarius. On May 1st, Pluto in Aquarius went into retrograde and will stay there until mid-June and then further backtrack into Capricorn and then squares the new nodes in Aries, the north node and Libra, the south node. Aries is fiery, so this will definitely ramp up the intensity of the energy, which will last until October. This will most definitely create some huge tension within the 3D matrix.

During the month of May, I believe that us lightworkers really need to focus our work on creating a material world that is in alignment with the values we hold. Staying in alignment with universal guidance of the Taurus season, north node focus and spring season, it is time for us to be planting seeds, tangible ones, not just conceptual ones. So that in June, when we switch nodes into the fiery cardinal Aries node, the universe will really give us that push to materialize the vision have been conceptualizing for quite a while. It appears as though this can only be done if we fully let go of our attachments to the 3D world.  As I mentioned in March, the alignments of Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius, are calling us to courageously become the leaders of this 5 D Ascension movement and we need to start putting things into action because we are here to create the blueprint for this new earth. This is the year to take action and there is a universal power behind it. There are several factors that have been holding us back from taking action, which we can hopefully fully release around this upcoming full moon eclipse. I believe that a lot of us have been waiting for the external world to change. Although we have been anticipating the collapse of the 3D matrix and would love to see some dramatic ending, it is more likely that the 3 D world will continue experiencing contractions in this birthing process and will continue to grow in intensity until more people wake up. Remember, 5D is a state of consciousness, not a place. There may not be some dramatic event that catapults us into another dimension. We need to create it. Whether or not there is another big contraction in the 3 D matrix, our focus needs to continue to be on fully exiting this 3 D matrix, which starts by letting go of our attachment to it. We need to switch our focus from running away from the constructs of the 3 D to running towards a better future. I can’t emphasize enough that we need to start making things happen. We know that it why we are here. We need to fully step into our power as the leaders. Although I know we all have been working hard on living in alignment with this higher state of consciousness by doing our deep purification work and focusing on manifesting with our thoughts and action, we really need to look at ourselves to see have we really detached from the 3D matrix? Are we still focusing on the old corrupt and broken system, instead of creating a new infrastructure? It’s time to start creating a new system, not attempting to fix a broken one. If we continue focusing our attention on these old paradigms, we essentially keeping it alive. Those of us who are already awake should be focusing on building the future, not investing our energy into a dying system and this is the month to start taking tangible action.

Because our south nodes represent the aspects of our lives that we need to let go of, let’s examine some of the Scorpio themes we need to release, which are also standing in our way. If we are to stand in our power, we need to fully release our victim paradigms and power dynamics. Many of us lightworkers had younger souled, more narcissistic parents, authority figures, siblings and other individuals within our lives that have caused us trauma, which has created internalized fear, victim paradigms and perpetuated dysfunctional dynamics. We have long been aware that our younger souled brother and sisters, who have led primarily with their egos, created so much harm to the planet. Because of our traumas, we have been afraid to fully stand in our power. It is time to release these fears and take action. Furthermore, our childhood experiences create dysfunctional patterns of how we relate to others. Based on learned patterns, we sometimes take from or give energy to others. Because most of our parents were imperfect, they learned to maneuver the world seeking additional energy from other people including us. Based on our parent’s story, unknowingly, they engage with us through these power dynamics referred to as control dramas, which range from passive to aggressive forms of obtaining energy. Depending on the control drama used by our parents and our innate temperament, we adopt our own tactic of relating with others, which becomes embedded in our subconscious. Unless we explore and resolve this dynamic, we maneuver life either being the bully or victim. However, when we become self-actualized, we step out of this paradigm. Many of our parents, siblings, etc. took on this bully role and we then internalized a victim paradigm. As we become empowered, we realize that there is a third position; not to engage in either role and we learn how to navigate relationships without being a bully, which means not desiring power or control over others, imposing one’s values on others or manipulating others to satisfy internal needs. We learn how to set boundaries with others, communicate assertively and takes responsibility over our lives whereby stepping out of this victim paradigm.  We have to begin building this new earth without fear. Are you ready to take the lead? So, just to recap, May is the month for us to take some tangible action steps. I am excited to hear from all of you to see what amazing things you are creating. Sending all of you lots of love and light from Mt. Shasta. I am so excited to be sharing another amazing month with all of you as we create this new world. Stay tuned for my next blog in June!

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