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May 6, 2023

Opposition as a potential for Growth

People have been carrying this fear around that they have to be careful about who they choose to share their personal truths with. I have lived with that fear as well, but I feel that this is exactly where we need to rethink and move a mountain, because that fear of speaking your truth to others and how they will see you is what keeps people from healing.
I see people taking their truths to their graves. I hate feeling like I left things unsaid and undone. I like to be here fully as my authentic self which requires me to be truth.

You will make people feel uncomfortable. That’s correct, but

“the death of growth is comfort.”

Growth is expansion and moving forward, it is good. Stagnation is a result of comfort which is not good, at least that’s how it’s seen on the higher levels of our reality.

It is natural to fear getting attacked, but I feel also that when we are in full integrity with our soul and it’s mission, our words will resonate with people more then they won’t and as long as we can focus on the people we are meant to reach we won’t succumb to the opinions of naysayers.
It is almost automatic that we focus on the negative voices but we must remind ourselves that we even reached them in ways we or them may not yet realize. Truths often contradict others truths. We call this opposition.

“Opposition creates discomfort which is a potential for growth.”

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