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May 8, 2023

Overthinking, Thinking, Contemplating, each arise from different minds. Knowing this is the key to choosing one over other.

Life forms evolved on earth over billions of years and for the first time acquired the unique ability of thinking, as homo sapiens. This is from a physical standpoint of looking at evolution. When we look at it from a more holistic or universal standpoint, the ability to think is, the universal one consciousness evolving and growing and showing up as humans to be able to perceive, understand and appreciate itself.

It appears as if this evolution of consciousness is still a work in process because most humans are unable to choose between overthinking, thinking and contemplation. It seems to be random and uncontrollable.

The difference between the process of overthinking, thinking and contemplation is that each one arises from different levels or aspects of our mind.

  • When the logical-analytical mind gets muddled with the emotional mind, overthinking results. This happens when there is physical or emotional pain of which one is unaware due to preoccupation elsewhere. The brainwaves would be vibrating in a high beta frequency while this is happening.
  • When the limbic mind and emotional mind are comfortable and quiet and the logical-analytical mind engages in mental activity with an objective such as finding a solution to a problem, thinking happens. The brainwaves would be vibrating in a low beta frequency while this is happening.
  • When all the three aspects of the mind namely limbic, emotional, and logical-analytical are at rest in quiet stillness, while the mind is still alert, awake and aware, the intuitive mind becomes active and contemplative thinking happens. The brainwaves would be vibrating in an alpha or even theta frequency while this is happening.

The main differentiating factor is grounding or being present and grounded in our body. Whether one is connected and resonating with the electromagnetic frequency of the earth energy. In overthinking we get completely disconnected from the earth energy and because of this the energies of physical pain and emotional pain are unable to get discharged into the earth.

Thinking from the analytical mind happens when we are connected with the earth energies but not fully in sync with the earth energy frequency. This happens because we are intensely focused on the solution or result. We are more present in the future when our result is attained then in the here and now. This intensity takes a lot of effort and mental energy which makes the mind exhausted. When the mind is intensely focused on the solution it cannot rest until the solution is achieved. We continue thinking compulsively even after the mind gets tired, the grounding gets completely lost and overthinking replaces thinking.

Thinking is linear and therefore the solution is unseen until we reach there. Any hurdles arising from our own physical pains or emotions as well as distractions from the world around us tend to lead us away from this linear path of thinking resulting in overthinking. Overthinking is cyclic as it makes our mind keep going in circles without reaching to any conclusion.

Contemplation arises from the intuitive mind which becomes active only when the analytic thinking mind rests quietly and we shift into an aware state of being. Our aware state of being is a state of non-doing, when there is no mental activity, but we are still alert and awake. We are completely ignorant of this inherent ability in us because whenever we manage to skillfully switch off the analytical thinking mind, we tend to fall asleep.

When we are in a contemplative state, we are simply perceiving what is, without wanting to reach a solution. It is an active state of acceptance when we completely allow the present moment with all its problems to remain as it is, and this results in a deep awareness allowing us to fully know the situation as it is. When we fully know what is, the solution simply comes into our awareness as it already exists. We were only unable to perceive the solution when our linear thinking mind was active, and the overviewing intuitive mind was passive.

When you look at the history of human endeavor it is evident that all great discoveries and creative work have emerged from a state of mental non-doing or non-thinking. In other words, out of the intuitive mind. It is the eureka moment that happened when Archimedes was soaking in his bath or when August Kekulé was daydreaming and saw a snake with its tail in its mouth before he discovered the benzene ring.

We can develop the skill of awakening our intuitive mind by cultivating a habit of coming back to our grounded state of being. This is not an overnight project but a gentle, gradual journey. A journey into our Awareness. The first milestone on this journey is to find our Happy Place within which is, to reconnect and resonate with the frequency of earth energy and let this state be our default state of being.

My first book in the Awareness Journey series titled: “Awareness Journey | The Happy Place Module” guides the reader through a month-long journey to this default state of being present and awaken our intuitive mind to lighten our pathway in this lifetime.

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