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May 11, 2023

The Only Relationship Lesson You Will Ever Need.

I learned all I ever needed to know about relationships recently.

It wasn’t through any self help book or years of therapy.

It was a simple conversation I overheard between my daughter and her youngest son.

They recently took in a new shelter puppy and she is a lovable wild child that is feeling (and chewing) her way through all of her new boundaries.

My grandson said-with all the sincerity of a seven year old that has just had his favorite stuffed animal gutted-“We should just take her back and get a different one.”

My daughter’s simple but profoundly wise response was this-“Buddy, we don’t get rid of someone we love just because they hurt our feelings or make a mistake. We forgive them, show them how to do better and keep going.”

That’s it. You are welcome.

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Read 12 comments and reply

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