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June 15, 2023

Cynics say writers and writing and words don’t matter much. ~ Waylon Lewis


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Cynics say writers and writing and words don’t matter much—that they’re empty and hollow and helpless against the tides of hate and loss and ignorance and confusion.

But let them read.

Trolls tell you’re not good enough. You’re not qualified to be a “writer.” We reply: I have a voice, just as much as anyone.

We need to open the prison door and let writing out of just being for this limited thing we call writers.

Writing is for anyone with a voice. And that’s you, and me. Some people will always tell us we aren’t good enough, smart enough, knowledgeable enough. That’s their problem.

Writing is getting to know our experience—and in so doing—turning it into wisdom that is helpful to self and others.

There are guiding lights in this life and many of them I know only through words. Only through words I feel their heart and sinew and breath and dark sadnesses and illuminating joys in my heart and sinew and breath and darkest, hardest moments. Only through their words…and that is more than enough and I am grateful.

Words are powerful, sure. But words are weak, too, tender and longing. Words are falling in love and healing after it breaks. And words are Nature: blood and sweat and tears and hard-earned wisdom and a soft caress and wrapping the teachings from one generation to the next and I love writing and listening and joking and learning and teaching.

That’s what we do at Elephant Academy: we find your voice and sing your song and let it all go, to be of benefit to this life, yours and others both.

Join Elephant Academy: Find your Voice, 2024.

What is Find your Voice?

Find your Voice is a 9-week, live course with community and expert guidance from Elephant Journal’s Editor-in-Chief, Waylon Lewis.

This course isn’t (just) about writing, and it isn’t (just) for writers. It’s about the fundamental life skill of finding your own voice, owning the power of that voice, and using it for good.

You’re here to find your heart, share it, and inspire others to do the same.

Who is this course for?

Do you have a heart? Do you have a voice? Do you have experiences? Then this course is for you.

Learn more here. Join us this September.

Have questions? Email our Elephant Academy Director, Molly, and she’ll be glad to help you out.

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