June 5, 2023

Do you torture Animals, too?

I used to torture animals, including babies, for fun. Then I learned what was happening before meat and dairy arrived on my plate and table. Then, I went vegan.

Yes, animals are tortured, not “just” killed. Including babies.

And yes, it is incredibly sad.

Momma cows are raped repeatedly, their entire life in dairy. Their babies are taken away from them. Cows have feelings of love and attachment, they make best friends, they get depressed and panicked when this happens.

Their babies and adults are kept in pens without heat or cooling, sometimes freezing to death, or being dehydrated / overheated/ overcrowded to the point of death.

Animals’ beaks, tails, toes, genitalia, etc. are mutilated without anesthesia. They’re kept in pens…sometimes their entire life they can’t even turn around, sometimes sleeping on and around the corpses of their little babies. They’re packed in overcrowded trucks, again without heating cooling or water, to go to terrifying slaughterhouses, where they know what’s up: Cows can smell blood from 200 feet away. Baby male chicks are usually smothered or ground alive, sometimes drowned.

There’s no meaningful healthcare for their entire lives as you can imagine like us they get sick or injured. They are often bred to be too big to move or function comfortably often having liver failure, etc.

I could go on and on and on. The more you know the more heartbreaking and morally wrong it is.


If we’re involved, our conscience demands that we know what’s involved.

If curious, you can watch Dominion or Forks over Knives or Cowspiracy on Netflix/Youtube etc.


I hope you read this.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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