July 24, 2023

6 Words I’m Using to Bring myself Back to Center.

This morning over coffee, I stumbled on a YouTube video talking about manifestation.

If you study manifestation, you know that everything is about energy, frequency, and vibration.

Our thoughts and emotions are energy—if fact, they carry a chemical signature that creates our state of being and point of attraction.

What you think matters and what you believe about yourself really matters. You don’t manifest what you want—you manifest what you are.

You and I are manifesting all the time because we’re always sending a signal, but if the results aren’t to our liking, it’s time to go within and clean up our thinking.

Back to the video and the six words I’m now using to find my center and send a new signal:

“I accept. I deserve. I allow.”

Ahhhh, doesn’t that feel soooo goooood?!

Let’s break it down.

“I accept.” This opens us up to what the universe wants to toss our way and lead us toward. When we decide to openly accept abundance, it flows to us more easily and naturally.

“I deserve.” All of us have probably had issues with deservedness, especially if we have trauma or abuse history. Reaffirming that we deserve what comes our way helps our old beliefs to relax and be rewritten. It also allows us to have more fun when things show up.

“I allow.” Whenever I allow, things flow like water. It astonishes me the way things easily come together or work themselves out when I remind myself to let go and trust. It’s against our cultural conditioning to surrender outcomes and problems because we may have a belief it’s irresponsible. But the universe always has a better way if we allow it. Plus, it’s a lot less stressful.

The video shared these simple phrases as a quick way to manifest, but I’m also using them to return to my center.

Throughout the day when I notice my mind wandering or falling back on thoughts I don’t like, I return to these six words, “I accept. I deserve. I allow.”

These thoughts create a new chemical signature and help my brain and body relax. I return to the present moment and affirm what I know to be true: that I am taken care of.

Try it today and notice what shows up for you!

Accept the gifts from the universe.

Know that you deserve it.

Allow it to flow to you easily.

This simple practice will help you rewrite old patterns and create new possibilities in your life.


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Read 14 comments and reply

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