July 6, 2023

A meditation retreat in the pitch black dark? Waylon w/Scott Berman of Sky Cave Retreats.


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Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis presents:

Waylon gets wowed by Scott Berman of Sky Cave Retreats. Just…watch…it’s unique (understatement) and inspiring and earthy and healing.

“There’s this period of novelty where it’s just like, ‘Wow, this is amazing. I don’t have to do anything. Nothing’s bothering me.’ And that might last for like the day, or it might last for a minute. Typically it doesn’t last for the whole day, but some people get by enjoying the novelty for the day. Right?

And that’s what happens for everybody. No matter how well prepared somebody is or how advanced they feel that they are, there’s the discomfort that arises because we almost never allow discomfort to come in the moment.” ~ Scott Berman

A clip of our conversation: 

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“That’s another thing that stands out in the darkness is like we have people go through and…no one comes out and shares their peak experience because what becomes really clear for people in the dark is like there was no [one] peak experience that set them free.

There was no peak experience that all of a sudden made me feel great and grand and complete and whole. Sometimes I’ll ask like, did you have any visions? And people will share them.

But it’s like they see it in this context of that wasn’t the thing that brought me into this new ground within. It was when I let go of trying to experience the dream come true. It was more when I softened into the simplicity and then out of that birthed how profound and tender and delicate this moment is.” ~ Scott Berman

Or, listen to the podcast:

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“Really simple elements form the experience that allows people to transform: feeling safe and held…

We’re constantly looking to others to validate our worth, right? All the time. So what happens when there’s nothing telling you that you’re good or that you’re not good? There’s this beautiful inquiry and process of really exploring meaning and worth.” ~ Scott Berman


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