July 25, 2023

Aquarius Full Moon: Expanding into New Form. {August 1}


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We are standing on the precipice of a new beginning, a new birth, a new chapter, a new form of self.

And yet, we have been painstakingly moving backward and deeper inward to the parts within the self that still ache and cry out for healing.

Perhaps, this is just the nature of life and human evolution—to grow, to expand, to wither, to decay, to feel like we are going backward to older parts of self one day, and the next day blasted forward into future timeline and vision. It’s all so much to be with. It’s all so much to make sense of. But, astrology gives us a window into the cosmological energies and soul map we are all navigating, giving words to the energy we feel, patterns to the cycles we spiral through.

We have been knee-deep in Cancer energy for the last few weeks, asked to go deeper into the waters of our emotional landscape, to tend to the emotional uproarings and stirrings there. Cancer season is not always the most “light” and fun feeling time.

We can feel the heaviness weighing on us, the familial scars and patterns that tie their noose around our necks still. We can sink into the sadness and nostalgia of “better” days. We can long for a home we haven’t quite yet found in the world or in ourselves. The ache for comfort and all to be okay is strong.

The Cancer waters have not been the easiest this season, especially because we had that Cancer new moon opposite to Pluto on July 17. Ouch. That one hurt. And brought up deep feelings around family, triggers, and activations of wounds, of feeling powerless, of the sensitivities around the heart space and how much they ache for change and simultaneously fear it. We are still feeling those energies as this brought up some tension points between four sides of self, and how in the world to find harmony between all aspects, especially if needs counter another.

We are leaving Cancer season, a little worn for the wear, but hopefully lighter on our journey, having emotionally expunged ourselves from some deeper pain we were carrying, even if just one layer deep. Leo season began on July 23 and will be a welcomed shift to the energy of fire, inspiration, creativity, play, and excitement to get us back out into the world after much internal hermit time. Leo season is the bravo after a deep emotional journey of Cancer, of celebrating how far you’ve come and not taking that journey for granted, despite the grit and bloodshed it may have cost you. Leo season is warm, social, and full of that heart energy to help us come alive again.

Coupled with the sun in Leo, we will be having an Aquarius super moon, landing on August 1 at 2:32 p.m. EST at 9 degrees of the air sign. This full moon is expansive and freedom seeking. The energy of Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of rebellion, liberation, and quick, fast changes; also, it is co-ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure, karma, and responsibility.

Leo energy invites us to fully own our next creation, and Aquarius asks us to bring it out into the world of structure and expansive form. An electricity in the air can usually be felt with an Aquarius full moon. And also, an ability to expand our vision and perspective. To see the bigger picture unfolding, even if we still don’t know quite yet how all the pieces will come together. Aquarius is the energy of the group, the collective, the community, where we feel resourced and connected. Do we feel resourced with others and connected? If not, how can we meet those needs for connection?

This is our first full moon after the nodes of the moon just shifted as well into Aries and Libra, on the same day of the new moon. This was a significant shift as for the last 18 months we had been moving through sticky, dense, karmic, deep energy of Scorpio as south node ruler and moving toward Taurus north node energy of gathering our resources and building our foundation.

For the next 18 months, we will be immersed in the energy of Aries as north node ruler (where we are headed) and Libra as south node ruler (what we are leaving behind). Aries energy is inviting us all to take courage, take leadership and initiative to move toward our next adventure and new beginning. To channel the warrior energy of fire and feel our inner capability and confidence building after so much death and obliteration of false senses of self.

Aries is about the individual. Stepping out into our sovereignty of self, not needing another’s approval of our path or journey. The process of individuation. Becoming free and independent. Libra as the south node will be asking us to release patterns of codependency, people-pleasing, and outdated modes of relating, stepping away from relationships that don’t align with our future vision of self. These energies will be significant for the next year and a half and continuously working with us.

With this full moon, the nodes will be square to Pluto, having recently returned for six more months in Capricorn, before we finally get to move out of this energy. This squaring Pluto aspect could bring up similar energies we had with the new moon. A point of tension, feelings powerless, wondering how in the world we are going to make this new path possible and a real reality. Pluto compresses us, squeezes us, because it wants us to know our true spiritual source of power.

We may feel are fears amplified around where we are headed and feeling afraid to let go of what’s been known, even if the old has decayed even more, no longer feeling like a safety vest but a stifling shirt, four sizes too small.

Pluto energy will be showing us where we keep giving our power away to our fears instead of our faith. How to transform and let the process of transformation happen, rather than micromanage the self along the way. To trust that what we are releasing is making space for a truer version of self to come through—one deeply rooted in and connected to our spiritual power.

The sun in Leo and moon in Aquarius will both be square to Jupiter. Jupiter brings us the energy of expansion and growth, but with a square we may feel an amplification of our emotions around this time. But, perhaps, also an expanded sense of self, of courage, of heart, of inspiration, even if we still carry fears around truly being seen.

Leo energy is all about stepping into the light of our soul’s becoming and creativity, and for many of us with wounds around being seen and judged, we cloak ourselves and have spent most of our lives hiding in the shame closets, trying desperately to conceal our weird, different, or deemed flaws.

But the moon illuminates it all. Shines a bright light on the self we are now. Even if we carry the scars and blemishes now of the past. Of our wounds still trying to find a safe space, where we don’t feel like we have to attack or fix these things we deem broken about ourselves.

Aquarius energy is meant to be different, and Leo energy aids the energy of unique and different in standing out and being seen. Many of us have learned that different meant “bad” or “wrong” or that we didn’t belong, and thus could bring up fears of not being loved for our authentic expression of soul and self.

Aquarius energy reminds us to embrace the inner weird, the inner outlier, the inner rebel, the inner outcast. To say to these parts boldly with open Leo hearts and love, “I’m so sorry you were told you were not welcome here. That you had to hide yourself in order to be accepted and not face the judgement (misunderstandings) of others.” Because what others judge in us is only a reflection back to them of what they fear or would judge in themselves. And of course as sensitive souls, we have felt the world’s judgment and our family’s judgment as the cross to bear on our bleeding shoulders, clipping our own damn wings.

But what if by you being more, you would only align the people, places, and opportunities meant for you? Because that’s the truth.

And hiding won’t do anymore, even if it still feels safer at times but more stifling now. Our born into families may never truly see the kaleidoscope of multitudes we can inhabit, until they choose to see their own shape shifting unicorn energy. But we can start to find the people and souls who reflect our innate goodness back and celebrate our weird and different rather than shame, judge, and condemn it. Because we only fear and judge what we don’t understand. Aquarius energy invites us to find our soul tribe and let the love of that energy remind us of our home away from home on this planet.

This full moon will be bringing in the energy of expansion. Of expanding our minds and hearts to the bigger picture unfolding. We can feel and sense the new beginning is coming. We have been creating it after all. This time with a little more connection to our conscious source of power. Even if fully being in our power is still terrifying. Because who can we blame, project, and negate responsibility to if we are fully in our power?

Venus is also a part of this cosmic conversation, as she has been in the sign of Leo for a minute now. And she has recently stationed retrograde on July 22 and will be there until September 3. Her retrograde journey is one of the underworld, of going deep into the recesses of our subconscious patterning around money, self-value, and relationships. Venus retrogrades always bring up themes in regards to such, which can be a challenging energy if we carry a lot of unresolved or unaccounted for energies around such things. Who doesn’t have stress about money? Or who hasn’t ever had a fearful relationship with money?

Money is such a potent energy we all have to work with on this planet. We all have been taught ways of relating to money through our family of origin. Maybe we learned to hoard our money and fear spending it. Maybe we felt like we would never have enough. Maybe we were taught to recklessly spend it. Maybe we avoid it because as spiritual beings we deemed it unspiritual. Money is a loaded topic. And reworking our relationship with money as a source of empowerment, trust, abundance, and flow can help us navigate these Venus energies.

Past relationships may pop up as well around this time for further review or just to acknowledge the growth you’ve had and keep moving forward. Themes around self-value and self-worth are big here too. These energies can bring up sore spots and it might not always be easy to bring the wounds to conscious awareness, but Venus retrograde wants us to up-level our self-worth so we can claim the future timeline bent on truer self royalty and regard.

Seven planets will be retrograde this summer: Venus, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury. That’s a whole lot of backward tidying up energy to boot. But instead of letting these energies frustrate us or amplify our impatience, we can always use and work with them, as they are working with and for us—to slow down, reevaluate, review, and reassess where we are going and what needs to be cleaned up energetically.

This full moon is going to be bringing in expansive and new energy. Showing us that the new life is absolutely possible. But do we truly believe it is? Can we hold our fears alongside our faith? Can we speak to ourselves and our minds with calming words of peace and “all shall be well?”

Marianne Williamson, world renowned spiritual teacher and political activist has deeply studied A Course in Miracles and transmitted this energy of forgiveness and love in her well-known book, Return to Love. She speaks notably on the energy of forgiveness being forgiving ourselves for times when we “sinned” against our own hearts by closing down to the energy ever-present of love and believing in fear as truth. We forgive ourselves for swaying from the love we truly are.

She writes, “We aren’t bodies at all; who we are is the love inside us, and it is that love alone that determines our value. When our minds are filled with light, there is no room for darkness.”

Of course, as humans, we venture into darkness of thought many times throughout our day. But, with practice and self-compassion, each time we do, may we not scold ourselves with punishment or criticism but with great compassion for our human selves learning and remembering.

A powerful prayer we can speak that comes from the ancient Hawaiians is Ho’oponopono, which means “to right a wrong.” It’s a simple prayer to our hearts and minds, saying out loud or internally:

”I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

Such a simple mantra when we venture into darkness of thought or belief about ourselves, others, or the world. We can feel its truth reverberating and guiding us back home.

Let this full moon guide you back home to your unique soul’s godprint, and watch how quickly soul tribe finds you in that freer space. Back to your truth, as expanded love. To remembering you are not here to be perfect or flawless but to let the love you are hold you and all your flaws and scars.

Let the light of this full moon illuminate more of your spiritual truth and cleanse you of mistruths and faulty delusions and beliefs in self as flawed or lacking. Expand your heart; expand your mind. Believe it’s possible because you carry the dream within your heart for it to be so. Healing is a lifelong journey, but so too can we come back to life and connection after periods of loss and devastation.

Reconnect back to yourself and your light as many times as needed. And forgive yourself when you turn against yourself and believe in darkness as truth. Connection starts and ends with you. Be the bridge of connection back to your truth and to the eternal flame of Divinity within your heart. Let. The. Path. Of. Truth. And. Liberation. Guide. Your. Way. Forward. Now.


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