July 12, 2023

Love is Waiting: 5 Steps to Embrace the Dating World & Find Your Soul Mate.

Despite what movies may depict, you are not going to run into your soul mate in the grocery checkout line or bump into them on the street.

How nice that would be! For the majority of us, we have to be an active participant in the search for love.

Now, I am all about mixing spiritual and practical techniques in order to make a goal happen. That is exactly how manifestation and creating your reality work. When you adjust your mindset and take action, you can make pretty much anything happen.

It’s no different when it comes to finding love. Yes, the spiritual is a big part of it. The majority of the work I do with clients is focused on clearing limiting beliefs and increasing confidence. Those are things you can do completely on your own according to your unique journey.

But where almost everyone gets stuck is the part where they need to take action. See, the thing is you need to be going on dates and meeting all types of people to see who you best fit with. You have to be showing the world that you are serious about meeting someone and you are taking the right steps. So why do most people get stuck here?

Well, when you decide to take action and go on dates, you are increasing your chance of rejection, or so you think. Most people equate going on dates with a feeling of dread, hopelessness, and exhaustion. But I am here to tell you dating can feel fun again!

I have tons of articles all about the mindset piece of the journey. How to get out of your own way and attract love to you. How to grow your confidence that has nothing to do with your external appearance, and how to make sure that confidence sticks around for the long haul. There are endless resources on this topic for you!

But this article is all about the action steps. There’s no better time than now to get out there and start learning what’s best for you. The only way you will find your perfect match and the love you are desiring is by putting yourself out there. I promise it’s not as scary as it sounds. Let’s make the journey fun and interesting.

Here are five steps to embrace the dating world:

1. Find your people.

A highly underrated way to meet a potential partner is by looking in places that you may not think of. By simply following your passions and meeting like-minded people, you never know who you may come across.

You can do this by joining groups, meetups, classes, workshops, and anything else that focuses on something you personally are interested in. Want to find someone who likes adventure? Join your local hiking group!

Or maybe if you are passionate about cooking and trying new foods, join a cooking class or a meetup group that goes to different restaurants. There are endless possibilities with the internet; you can find your people anywhere.

First, decide what is something new you’d like to explore then see what in-person events cater to your passion. Be where your people are and let new relationships form!

2. Tell your friends.

If you do this one tip over everything else, you will get farther than you realize. We don’t do this enough and your soul mate could be hiding right in your close network of people. I want you to tell your friends that you are looking for love and ask if they know any good matches for you.

We often assume that we know everyone already or that our friends won’t want to help us out—this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your friends are the first people who want to see you in love—trust me! And even if your friends don’t know of anyone, you are still planting the seed in their minds and getting the wheels turning.

They could text you in a month from now saying they have someone they want you to meet. Everyone is frustrated with dating apps so let’s bring back the blind date! Spread the word and see what magic unfolds.

3. Work with a coach.

Let’s face it. The journey to love can absolutely be tough at times. Whenever you put your heart on the line and become vulnerable, there is the possibility to feel hurt. These tough feelings are part of the process and totally normal.

Instead of letting them be a stopping point, though, these hard moments can be incredible lessons. The truth is that life needs polarity in order to thrive and continue to grow, and your journey is no exception. This why working with a coach is so powerful because you can uncover and grow from the lessons instead of fearing them.

This is the exact reason I became a coach because I learned so many tough lessons but still found amazing love at the end of it. It is possible to find your dream relationship, and you’ll get there even faster with the right coach in your corner.

4. Increase self-love.

The number one rule of manifestation is “like attracts like.” Humans, just like every living thing on this planet, emit a frequency and vibration. When you tune your vibration to whatever you are desiring, your dreams will inevitably become a reality. That’s why it is so important to first feel the love within yourself before that relationship can find you.

If you have been stuck in toxic or challenging relationship patterns, first ask yourself where you need to infuse more love into yourself. If you’re wondering how to do it, the easiest way to start is by incorporating a daily routine that uplifts and inspires you. Maybe journaling makes you feel more connected and alive, or maybe meditation helps clear your mind and calm your fears.

Whatever it is that makes you feel more confident and grateful for your life is what will increase love in your life beyond belief. Don’t wait for the perfect match to feel love, start right this moment with the beautiful life you are already living.

5. Scripting.

Scripting is my best-kept secret and was the main catalyst for me to find my dream relationship. Scripting is when you write out your future life as if it’s the present day. You are essentially tricking your subconscious mind into believing that this is your current reality.

The subconscious mind does not know fact from fiction so you get to feed it whatever information you’d like. And when your subconscious is tapped into your dreams, it’s going to do everything it can to make it happen. It will start giving you nudges and actions to take.

So the easiest way to do this is simply to write a letter called “A day in the life.” I want you to write out your dream relationship in detail. What are activities you do together? What is your daily routine? And most importantly, how does this relationship make you feel? Write out details of your partner and their personality, values, and passions.

Write it in the present day as if it’s reality. Start reading this daily and follow those nudges that your mind is giving you. Your path to love is unfolding before your eyes.

Remember that in order to find love, you have to be an active participant in the journey. All the mindset work won’t matter if you are not putting yourself out there so love can find you.

Start on these five actions today, and watch the love in your life increase tenfold!


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