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July 10, 2023


Once upon a time amongst the beauty of the meadows, there was the most exquisite magical garden, walking amongst the trail of beauty lead you to the cutest little cottage home and  from
the back windows you were able to see the misty lake as the sunshine’s reflection crystallising the water, and hearing the sound of the birds singing in the early hours of the morning.

Surrounded by all this magnificent scenery a bright shining star was born. When she entered this miraculous world with not a worry in the world, only pure love, peace, and joy.

She lived many joyous years with her family, but it was not until she started schooling when things had become rough.The suffering had begun, peer
pressure from all the other kids at school, self-confidence started to fail and the many voices she was hearing was not helping the state in which she was feeling.

The beauty of nature no longer existed, as her ego had taken control and felt there was no need to take place in doing anything, as she became confused and lost all of her self-esteem.

Every time she had a thought or an idea to change things all she could hear was the voice of the ego telling her that she was not able to do the things she wanted because she had too much fear and doubt.

Then one day she yelled and screamed at her own ego and told it to, “stay away and leave me alone!”

Then she became distressed and started to run, she ran out of the house and kept on running through the magical garden, she had run so far away that she ended up in the darkest woods.

She was now alone in the middle of nowhere,
afraid so she continued running until she fell into a big hole, as she was falling, she could see the faces of her family.

She now hit the bottom of the hole and was out cold. Hours later she was awoken from her own body shaking, she heard a voice amongst the silence, the voice said to her, “wake up, as you have your whole life ahead of you,” and continued to say, “you.are worthy and you no longer need to fear anything anymore as it does not exist.”

The voice kept talking to her and told her, “ I am your pure consciousness and if you follow my lead you will live your most magical life as you have your purpose to fulfil being here and with my guidance you will find it for as long as you let go of your ego and let go of your fear, I want you to know deep within you have no limitations in doing anything, so do whatever it is you want for yourself, stop looking at others and focus on you, forgive who you need to, and forgive yourself, there is no need to worry about anything anymore as everything will just fall in to place.

And from this moment onwards you no longer need to look back at the past or think about the future and focus only on the now moment and I promise you your life will be exactly how you want it to be.”

She then became fully awakened and found herself amongst the magical garden where she lived, there was a beam of magnificent colours shining around her, she felt this amazing energy within and felt invincible, she felt so much love for herself
and felt love from others.

This was the most magical day as she had found her enlightenment and now learnt to appreciate everything that was going on around her and became grateful for just being herself just the way she is.

This was just the beginning!

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