July 14, 2023

Waylon w/entrepreneur Adam Carney: Functional Medicine, via Wisdom Health.


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Waylon Lewis talks about Functional Medicine with Adam Carney of Wisdom Health.

Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis presents:

Waylon talks with Adam Carney of Wisdom Medicine and EAST+WEST Yoga and they talk about, well, a little bit of everything: functional medicine, chronic illness, telemedicine, entrepreneurship, leadership, yoga, travel, and being of benefit. Don’t miss out on this compelling conversation between two mindful gents, experts in their fields.

“It was such an irrational thing to do. I really didn’t have a plan!” ~ Adam Carney 


Adam: “Are you someone who likes being interrupted and interrupting others? ‘Cause I do. I talk about this with my girlfriend. I think conversations are really boring if you’re not interrupting each other.”

Waylon: “A conversation is give and take with listening involved, but you can’t interrupt. I don’t love the interrupt thing. Because I think ‘interrupt’ implies that you’re not listening and that it’s a monologue that you’re interrupting. But a conversation is not two monologues.

Adam: “Right. I think there’s a fine line, but I was saying that to let you know that if you want to interrupt me, you can, because I don’t mind it.”

Waylon: “I will because a talk show is give and take. I do have to listen and you’re welcome to interrupt me if I don’t!” 

Check out a clip of our talk-and-listen conversation: 

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“This has really become my personal mission. Incurable means that by definition, there’s no medication that can kill this. That’s literally what incurable means. But when a doctor tells you that autoimmune is incurable or hormone imbalance is incurable, that’s factually false because there are cases of it being reversed.

I don’t want to paint the picture that this is happening everywhere. It’s still rare that people do it, but I think that we now have a roadmap to doing that. And that’s what functional medicine gave us: a roadmap. ~ Adam Carney

“Functional medicine, it’s awesome. It’s the answer for people with these confusing chronic health issues. But it’s freaking expensive. The average appointment in the US is like $460 to see a functional doctor. And with that, you don’t really know what you’re getting. Not great. So we’ve productized that experience, so you know what you’re getting over the course of the year and you just know what you’re expecting. It’s very guided.” ~ Adam Carney

Or, listen to the podcast:

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