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August 12, 2023

3 Romantic Movies For When Your Heartaches.

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As an introvert and art lover I often return to favorite pieces of writing and movies for solace and inspiration.

Lately I have felt a sadness for lost love and love in general that feels inconsolable so I return to my favorite movies for a lift and let the reels work their magic.

If you are in the heartache breaky category read on.

When Harry Met Sally”

This is the ultimate romcom classic of classics. Most of you will remember the deli moaning scene but this isn’t what grabs my heart.

The movie is about real love and marrying your best friend the one you connect with first and foremost on a friendship level and this gives me hope.

As I writer I am honestly moved by a man who can recite my order in a restaurant as well. I can relate to being ” high maintenance the worst kind the one who pretends to be low maintenance”.

The scene where Harry recites her order breaks my heart in a good way. I also believe that the best relationships start out in friendship and bloom from there. If you need a pick me up find this flick and watch for the subtle sweetness between the lines action that will get you every time.

Eat, Pray, Love”
I come back to this book and movie over and over when I need a boost. This gives me hope that love finds us and we are all on a journey. We can all start new again and again and a failed relationship is often the start of a new beginning.

I love how Elizabeth Gilbert blends food, spirituality, travel and relationships. Julia Roberts melts my heart but my favorite is her friend Richard who calls Liz ” groceries” and shares his heart and soul. Soul relationships come in friendships not just romantic encounters.

The main melt your heart reason this book and movie manage to touch my heart and others over and over is the fact that it is first person narrated and we fall in love with the protagonist because we can identify with her and her lived experiences.

Love comes in all shapes and forms. Settle in and remind yourself by watching a few of these gems. Create your own list and have them handy for when you need a weekend perk me up.

Art inspires life and life inspires art so darlings dream and love on!

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