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August 8, 2023

Gratitude takes you home!

With so many events and experiences that happens in our lifetime there is one thing that I have learnt to live by everyday of my life and that is to be grateful for the things we have in our life and every person we share time with and this spectacular world we live in.


We all have our own stories to tell, we will all experience suffering and pain in some form or another and we will also experience love, whether we become hurt from love or continue to share love, we have so many lessons to learn and to remember but gratitude tops the list of my bucket list! Gratitude takes you home!


Becoming grateful for everything rather than complaining about the world around you will change the way you travel along your path. Being grateful for just being here experiencing life is the most magnificence of them all.

As we know it, we create our own lives so if you are not happy about your own life then make the changes, it’s all up to you! You! You! Nothing is difficult, everything is going well!

This is what I choose to believe, so make your own mind up if you cannot be grateful for your life how it is, as it is then you may continue your life feeling unhappy no matter what you achieve for yourself but if you can learn to become grateful for your life how it is right now then you will become grateful for each moment of your life and your life will become the most magical experience.


I awake each day feeling grateful for my life and great things are attracted to me, becoming aware of every thought and action has made a huge difference with my perception towards everything, this changes the way you look at everything and believe me when you live this life of gratitude towards each little thing it will come back to you. What you imagine for yourself will come a lot faster being in the state of gratitude every day of your life.


Do yourself a favour and start your own gratitude list, each day add something onto your list and every now and again go back and read your list to remind you, this will give you an instant feeling of bliss. There is no better natural medicine than gratitude.

As I am writing this blog to you, I am in a state of gratitude with the biggest smile on my face.

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